Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5 days 15 hours and slowly counting down.

That's right kids we are headed to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The official countdown say 5 days, my count down ends Friday Aug 1st after work, let's say about 4:00 o'clock Utah time. We have planned an excellent route this year, and welcome rider to joins us or just wave along the way. SLC to Logan Utah for the night on Friday. Then Sat morning up through the back woods of Idaho into Jackson Hole Wyoming. We will stop in Jackson for Lunch and then north into the parks we go. We plan to wander around the roads of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone for most of the day Saturday and camp at either Lake Village, or Canyon Village. After a cool night with the bears, we are headed North once again out of the park and over Bear Tooth pass into Red Lodge Montana, via Crooke City. From here we will turn east and follow the green roads across Montana and see how far we cam make it. Stopping to camp along the way. Then Monday we will make the final zoom into Strugis via Belle Fourche.

We will be staying at the Buffalo Chip to see Kids Rock on Monday night and then we will just see what happens, we will probably only stay about 2 nights and head for home. The fun of this trip is getting there, the journey and not the destination.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sturgis Here we come.

ok, ok, so that last post was lame. Now we are down to 11 days and change till Sturgis this year. Yeippie.

We pick our route and are ready mentally. We are going to Logan Utah on Friday August 1st. This is from SLC and we will be headed up after work. Traffic will be yucky and hot and slow, so this is a bigger deal that it seems. I hate going Norht from SLC on Friday night, but I seem to do it more often than I want to.

Then the Fun begins, Saturday Morning the 2nd we are headed up north to Jackson Hole for Lunch, then onto JellyStone Park and the Grand Tetons park. We are going to plan to head all the way through the park and out the top on the east side. We have heard that Cooke City is a fun little place, and if we can make it we will stop there and stay over. We will camp if we get into town in time. I know this is a long day, I meed to run the miles ansd see.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sturgis Here we come.

13 days, 5 hours, and 44 minutes until the Sturgis Rally. I can't wait but as always I am too busy to talk about it.

The Great Canadian Motorcycle Auction and Canadian Biker Buildoff

I got some information about this and thought I would pass it on.

I know that this will be of interest to you all because the auction will be showcasing award-winning bikes from some of Canada’s top custom chopper builders including: Canada’s 2007 Champion of the Canadian Biker Build Off, Georges Thomas, Concept and Design Cycle with the “Alien”, Zeel Design with the “General Lee,” the winner of the International Biker Build Off, “Silver Lining” by Sinister Custom Choppers, award winner at the Toronto International Motorcycle Show, “Nitmar” by Precision FramWorx, winner at the Calgary World of Wheels and many more.

This auction will be one that bike lovers and fanatics won’t want to miss out on. It will be a huge event that, in years before, have had thousands of buyers, builders, sellers, and bike lovers attend for the sole purpose of ooh-ing and ahh-ing at stainless steel beauties. Add to that some beer and biker bunnies, and who could ask for a more perfect way to spend a weekend? Can’t make it? That’s too bad, but just for those who, sadly, cannot make it out to the auction, they will have the opportunity to bid online for a piece of motorcycle history.

The Great Canadian Motorcycle Auction and Canadian Biker Buildoff has already garnered media coverage from all over the world but we would like to reach out to the Internet fan base of bike enthusiasts and send them a heads up about this great event. Any posting, email blasts, or news you could put up about this auction on behalf of the charity would be greatly appreciated by us and bikers everywhere.

please visit http://auctionwire.ca/buildoff/ for full details.