Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Kings third tank of expensive gasoline

May 28th
I ran a third tank of gas through my new Harley Davidson Road King. It's not exactly new, but it sure seems like it and rides like it for me. Each time I get on it I feel very good about my new ride. I am still getting used to it. Well anyway I bought 4.2 gallons of gas at a price of $3.79. I was able to mellow out a bit and slow down a bit on this tank full. Thus I got better gas mileage. I went 163 miles on this fill up and the main Odometer on the bike hit 4053. 163 miles on 4.16 gallons = 39.18 miles per gallon. This is excellent I am glad I was able to squeak out an extra 2 miles per gallon. I know this is not much but it gets me closer to the 45-50 that I expected or wanted. I was really thinking that this bike with the fuel injection would improve the miles per gallon. The fuel injection does improve the performance of the motorcycle. My 1999 Fatboy gets better miles per gallon that this one. It is a smaller engine but it does have the Carburetor. My carburetor on my 80 cc evolution engine is jetted kinda lean so, I guess that helps with the mileage.

Wow the first two days of the week were very nice for riding my motorcycle. 67 degrees and cloudy in the morning, cool and crisp and nice for a ride. I have been doing a extra amount of riding this week as I have had to run here and there and get a few things done. It has been nice to zip around in traffic on “the King”. I have been riding it easy, no jack rabbit starts and keeping the speeds below 80 on the freeway. I want to really see if I can get 40+ miles per gallon out of this tank. I know it only a few miles per gallon but it's the whole idea of getting more than 40 mpgs vs. less that 40.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

How many Beers fit in the Saddle Bag of a Road King?

Sweet Monkey Mullet Batman. I had to answer this question. You see on my 1999 Harley Fat Boy I could carry a 12 pack in each saddle bag. This was very good information to know based on living in Utah and liking to drink beer that is not watered down. (If you know what I mean). Or if you are headed to the store for a few items, will a 12, 24, 0r 30 pack fit on the scooter for the ride home. Well I got to the bottom of the mystery on the first attempt.

As you can see from the first picture I left no amount of space in the bag empty. I even cheated a bit up front with the front beer being held in by the lid. Mind you there is no room for ice, or pizza so keep this in mind for your next road trip.

Did you Guess 24?

Did you Guess 30?

The winner is 30 beers, yahoo that is one big suitcase of cold Miller beer. Now I just wish I had a cold one in my little computer keyboard banging hand right now.

2 days of Rain, 2 days in bed.

That's right biker buddies, we have been down and out for the past two days. First off a spring cold and flu bug slammed me and my whole family. The cat is the only happy one in the place lot's of people and attention for her.

At least it has rained for the past two days, so while I have been down and out, I at least wasn't missing the change to enjoy some sunny warm biking. So the outlook for tomorrow is slight rain and I gotta go to work. So at least on both account I am over the weather and over most of the this flu.

Here is a parting shot of "The King" and I

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

75 Days until Sturgis, Get ready now.

I was wandering around the biker forumns this morning and I saw a thread about going to Sturgis, then I went and checked the count down timer on Look out the trip will upon on us soon and I mean very soon. I was thinking about all the different ways to go to Strugis, and the Rules you must follow. So here is a short list of my Sturgis Rally Rules to live by.

1.) Ride your bike with all your gear strapped to it. You bought the bike to ride, leave the box and motorhome at home.

1.) Respect your Biker Brothers. Be cool, hangout, have fun, don't mess with Shit you are not suposed to.

2.) Camp in the Dirt. To find a spot for your tent just pull in and ask around a bit, everyone is there to have fun and have a bit of space, a little courtsey goes a long way. When it gets to be 100 degrees relax and have some fun. Hotels are for old people and people who have more money than me, well nevermind.

3.) Helmet Hair, live it love it leave the frilly stuff at home.

4.) Carny Food, leave your diet at home and indulge in all things Street vendor.

5.) Take in all the sites and take a lot of pictures.

More soon.

"Ride Safe"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A few Local SLC Motorcycle Rides and events

Dead Man's Run - May 17th

May 17, 2008 Murray, Utah

Dead Man's Run 08
Sponsored by Vulture Club
Registration begins at 9:00 am at Barbary Coast Saloon, 4242 South State Street in Murray. The ride leaves at 11:00 am and ends with music. Ride fee is $25.00 for the rider and $10.00 for a passenger. For more information call Mike at (801) 598-9022 or

click here to send e-mailThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Not sure of the details, but this sound's like a fun time for all.

Armed Forces Day Car, Truck and Bike Show
MAY 18, 2008

TOOELE $10.00 for show and lunch,
$15.00 for ride, show, and lunch
FOR MORE INFO: 435-882-4040 OR VISIT:

Abate Shriners Benefit Ride

MAY 18, 2008
SIGN UP: 8:30 AM
LEAVES: 10:00 AM
$15.00 PER PERSON(suggested donation)
info: 801-266-2050

So this weekend saddle up and head for at least one of these events, Utah is a happening place.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Second tank of expensive gas goes through "The King"

As you all know I am touring on a new used 2006 Road King. "The King" as I have nick named it. I have been able to ride it on and off a bit but the weather is not helping. So in the past days I did get to ride it 168 miles. This mornings fill up was 168 miles and 4.5 gallons. To complete the history I paid $3.68 per gallon for a total cost of $16.61. The bike now has 3890 miles total on it, which makes it still very new.

This shows that my 2006 Harley Davidson Road King is getting 168/4.503 = 37.3 MPG's.

My last fill up was on Wednesday morning 4-23-2008 the gas was $3.29 a gallon in Draper Utah, and I needed 4.3 gallons for 161 miles. Do the math 161/4.3 = 37.44 MPGs.

I like the looks of the comparison. I can live with 37+ Miles per gallon around the town.
Maybe I can expect to get 45-50 miles per gallon on my long road trips, or it may get better once the engine get broken in.

You an be sure that I will have more information to as this great summer of gas savings continue.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rain and snow please go away, today.

Sweet Mullett Batman It's not spring yet, it's not summer today It's rainy season here in Utaher. I guess spring is springing and rain is raining. I went home for lunch and I got soaked. It was hailing and raining hard, I even rode my dirt bike today, knowing it may rain and not wanting to wash my Road King if it did rain. Well it did, like a big whiner I got really cold and wet. One thing to note about riding in the rain, visibility is really reduced and so is stopping speed, I stayed on the back roads, thus taking longer to get home so I had more one on one time with the rain to enjoy getting cold and wet. Now for my completely unfair comparison, I am amazed at the difference between a DR350 and a Harley Road King. The DR350 will go 70-75 MPH top speed on the freeway, but it's screaming it's brains out doing it. The Road King on the other hand is just purring along at about 70 MPH and screaming to go 80 or more. I know this is not a fair comparison, as the Road King won't scale a 10,000 foot dirt and rock mountain trail, but for my short commute, both of them got me to work and back. I will live to Ride the Road King another day. But for today the suzuki DR350 got me to work and back twice. For the ride home the weather is warming up and the sun is out bright in the sky so my ride home will be very nice. And remember only 83 days till the Sturgis Bike Week.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer time is today. Biking weather is here.

Sweet Mullett Batman It's summer today. Zoom VRoom Boom, I got to ride my big old motor scooter in the warm weather today. I even got to line up in the pole position at the Freeway on ramp traffic light twice. That's right folks, Hit it first thing this morning and after Lunch. Fun was had by all, including but not limited to me.

Ride safe and keep the rubber side down.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Primary Childrens Wheeler Machine fund raiser ride, 5-31-2008

Wash your bike fill it up with 4 dollar a gallon fuel and join us on a fun and small ride (300 riders about 200 miles) through he Utah Mountains on May 31st, 2008. The money raised is matched by Wheeler Machine and then donated to Primary Children's Hospital. A state of the art Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah. Continental Breakfast and catered Lunch will be available and the entry fee is a 10 dollar donation per person. Sounds like a great ride, and another great cause. The ride is from SLC Utah, through Heber, up over wollf creek pass and down to Hannah Utah with lunch served in Hanna.

MDA Ride for a Cure June 7th 2008

Mark the calendar save the date, get out your extra cash and get ready for June 7th. It's the Salt Lake City MDA Harley Ride for Charity. Every year about 2000+ riders ride from SLC to Wendover Utah to make money for the MDA. This is a great ride a and great cause. Ride for the cure.

Once the Bikers get to Wendover party with food, fun and a Concert. it's a great event to be a part of.