Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nintendo Wii Christmas Crazyness.

I need to say I love the Christmas Holiday season. Maybe a bit too much, what I mean is each year I get caught up in the video game craze, I talk to all the kids in the neighbor hood and the guys at work, and find out what is hot and what is not. Then I have to have it. This year is Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii I just have to have it, from me, and no one else. I have searched high and low and I was able to find a copy at a local store tonight. Lucky for me, but if you are not so lucky there is still hope if you want to pay a bit more. Amazon has sellers that still have it available and you can still get it for Christmas, or you can turn to ebay, and pay your money and take your chances.

And if you get this game I think you need an extra wheel or two.

The Wii is still one of the best game system around, our family loves it and the kids get a work out when they turn it on and try to compete at an Olympic level. The Wii game console is available this year so if you don't have one you should consider it. I even saw one at a store tonight, sitting behind the counter ready for sale, unlike last year, but that's another story. You guessed it last year I had it have it ended up with two and lost 100 bucks selling the extra one. Oh well live and love.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Cool Custom Chopper Pictures

This is starting to get really fun, more and more and more pictures of ultra cool custom Chopper Motorcycle to look at the think about. This one is more my style, with the super clean rear end and the hidden softail suspension. I have to have a bike I can ride for 8 hours a day, thus I want a softail. This Bike has a super low seat and a nice line over the top of the tank. You have to like the look or the arched back tiger tank. This line make the engine look good, as I am sure its a big bore horse power monster. The single front down tube looks pretty good, the only thing I have to look twice at and decide if I like is the big long pulled back bars, the long and sloped risers seem a bit funny to me. Maybe if they were a bit shorter or lower, I don't know, what do you think?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

One more cool custom bike picture

Here is a bike that combines a few tricks to create a pretty good overall look. Like the headlight under the triple clamp, this gives the top of the bars a really clean swooped back look. The speedometer in under your right leg if you were sitting on the bike. This also adds simple design queues to the tall and pulled back bars. This keeps the front of the bike lower even though it is a bike with a tall chopper style frame. The pulled back bars also match well with the springer front end. The size and design of the tank add a good look to the space between the top of the big engine and the bottom of the tank. I like the idea of flames on the fenders and gas tank but I am not a big fan of these flames, they are too much for me, I think I would like them to be less pronounced or maybe just less all together, that is not to say someone else can't love them.

The rear frame and seat pan are wild on this bike. The external frame around the rear end and the rear fender makes this look like it might have a hidden Softail shock, but I don't think so, it's clean looking yet a bit funky looking. The seat is definitely low and wide so with the bars up in the air like they are I might have a hard time see over the top. Maybe this bike is built for a guy who is 6 foot 4 inches tall.

To give the builder credit this is another bike that was displayed by a vendor at the Broken Spoke Saloon at the north end of town in Sturgis South Dakota. This is the new Saloon out on Bear Butte road. I did not take any notes, so I don't relaly know who built it, I just took pictures of the bikes. I can see a price tag of $39,900 for this bike. Wow 40 grand for a bike, that is way too much for my blood, especially with the broken economy and failing banks and everything else that is happening this year. If and when I build a bike I expect to get a bike that looks something like this one but end up with a price tag of about $20,000 - $25,000. This is if I do all the work and paint myself. We will see, and I am sorry to say it might be ten years before that happens. I guess I will keep researching and dreaming about it. You gotta have a Dream, "What's your Dream, everyone who comes to HollyWood has a dream!"

Ride Safe!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Red Springer Hard Tail

Here is another shot of a bike I saw sitting at the Broken Spoke Saloon in Sturgis. I took a bunch of shots and really wish I would have taken some notes. As I look at these pictures I would like to give the proper credit to the builders and riders. But then again, let's see I was in Sturgis after riding all day, we had just stopped for a our first beer and um, well my note book was not handy. I guess I am glad I got some pictures to post and talk about.

This bike is an extreme combination of low slung seat, big engine, super twisted and fabricated frame, highlighted by a tall front springer front end. Check out the way the tube work is done around the rear section of the seat, the rear swing arm and the fender supports. Wow someone got twisty with the tube bender, great work guys. The little extras like the powder coated rims or the bright red highlight around the front head light, make this one seriously red machine. I am not a fan of the big wide open belt primary but, if you have a motor that big I guess you need some way to control and transfer the power from the engine into the transmission. All in all a great combination of bright red, and super shinny chrome.

Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17th and it was sunny and warm in SLC

You should all know that that means. I got to ride my King again today. It was colder but very clear and nice this morning, at 38 degrees I didn't get too cold zooming the few miles I go to work. I am totally amazed at the weather I guess I really like this global warming thing. If I can ride all year in Utah, I will really be saving on gas and it's goo therapy to get on the scooter and zoom around especially in the "Winter", well keep riding and if you are in Southern California, Keep laughing at us silly cold weather wannabe rider.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Haulmark Trailers Orange Chopper.

Here is a noteworthy shot of a super custom Softail. It was built for the Haulmark trailer company, thus it has the bright orange paint and the company logo on the tank.  Haulmark makes trailers, to help with the motorcycle shipping of your precious bike, that is if I can't get on it and ride it to the show.  I am impressed with all the work welding and building and filling in the fender and body on the rear of this bike. Talk about some serious fabrication work. I wish I could work with sheet metal like this. Once I get below about 3/16 or 1/4 thickness when fabricating I am done. It just doesn't seem to work for me. I can't weld it, bend it or make it look like anything but sludge. Well anyway look at how the frame moves forward and into the gas tank. Then check out how the gas tank on the front flows right into the frame. Someone did a very nice job on this bike. If you know the fabricator please let me know and I will give them proper credit. This thing looks like it has a big old Engine as well. The big tall jugs are good looking, and yes I am talking about the engine cylinders guys.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Low and Lean Harley Davidson Custom Softail

While I was wandering around the Broken Spoke Saloon out North of town I started taking pictures of Custom Bikes. Here is a shot of a low single seat Soft tail. I am thinking this is a custom of some kind, the chain makes me think it is not a Harley Davidson. The bike does have some of the looks and features of a Fatboy, but I would guess it's not an official Halrey Davidson. The chain also make me think that motor maybe a fire breathing monster, not just a 80 cubic inch evolution HD motor.

The flames on the tank are very cool, I like them but think if I was putting them on my bike I would make them ghost flames, so they were not very visible. The other cool thing about this bike is the the way the handle bars are pulled back. They really change the look of the front, bringing it down and back. I bet it makes this motorcycle feel low and lean once you climb on.

Well my hat goes off to who ever owns this bike, I like it and think the overall look is pretty damn good, and I bet it gets up and goes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Broken Spoke Saloon in Sturgis

I got a comment post as a follow up to the past post I made. I went and looked at a bunch of pictures of this new place. I did not realized that it had the largest swimming pool in Sturgis. I will need to remember this, When it is not storming and blowing with Hurricane force winds in Sturgis, it's Hot and muggy as muggy. At least this is my past experience. So on the Days it's hot and sunny, I think I will need to go check it out one of these next Sturgis trips

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The new old Broken Spoke Saloon in Sturgis.

Here is a picture and a story about The New Broken Spoke Saloon in Sturgis South Dakota. I say it is new because is has only been around for 3 years or so. I also say it is new because I didn't know about it until this year and I found it completely by surprise. So let me tell you about the surprise, we all love surprises right.

This year we took a nice long motorcycle ride the first week in August and had a plan to tour way up north and drop into Sturgis from the North Western direction. We we driving the Highway across the middle bottom area of Montana, and approached Sturgis, through Belle Forche, and then looped east around Sturgis and down the bear Butte road into the Buffalo Chip. Well after a nice long days ride were could smell the cold beer and Sturgis Dirt and we were getting really close to the chip. Well then what to our wondering eyes did we see, a big new Broken Spoke Bar, about 3 miles north on the Bear Butte Road. What the?, When did they build that, we gotta stop flashed into our tired minds as we slowed and pulled in.

This is when the fun started, we were immediately sent down the row of vendors and towards the bar, Sweet we will get a front row parking spot, no wait, What, I was driving right through the bar, following a string of other bikers. How cool is this, Hit Sturgis and drive right into the Bar. Hell Ya, we had arrived. Once we settled into a row of bikes, I snapped this shot and headed for the Bar to see what else we could see. The trip was off to a great start and this leg of the journey was getting better all the time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Novemeber 3rd and I got in a great ride.

It was cold and wet when I started this morning, I bet the temp was in the 40's which is cold yet nice enough to withstand for about a 45 miles of zipping around the town. I had a meeting at lunch and to and from work so I got in a good amount of seat time. The amazing thing is that it is November 3rd. In Utah this is certainly part of the extended season.

So on another completely cool and unrelated note, the Road King turned over 8000 mile a couple of days ago. Which makes the Summers total miles 8000-3400 = 4600. That's not bad for a about 6 months of drive time. I know some people put on 6000 miles a month or what ever huge number. For me being as busy as I am and a working stiff with a 12 mile commute, I say I logged some miles. Not too bad, and enough to convince me that I really like the Harley Road King and think I will keep it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Today was Fantastic again,and I didn't get to ride, I promise I will ride tomorrow.

The very few last nice and clear days here in Salt Lake to Ride my HOG and I missed it. I will ride tomorrow, I promise, I promise, I promise. Until then here is a shot of a bike I saw at Sturgis. Just one of the many machines I snapped a picture of. I will some day get the time and money to build a custom bike until then I will keep staring and all the wonderful bike I encounter. With each bike I see a few clues of things I like and other things I am not so sure of. This one is interesting, the way the pipes are all wrapped in black heat tape give the machine a different look compared to big, swoopy, shinny chrome, pipes. The frame is clean and tall, the blinkers and controls are neat. I like it and could see myself zooming down the road on it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today was warm and sunny and nice, and I missed out on a ride.

That about all I have to say, I missed out on a nice fall ride around the valley in the sun. It was colder than it looked but would have been nice for a spin around the valley. I saw hundreds of other bikes out so, I am glad many other got to ride. Harley were thundering all around the park as I hung out with the Kids at the Draper Skate Park. Most rider were wearing coat and gloves and hats, even if the outside temperature was in the 60's it's cold going fast on a big motorcycle. Well I shall live to ride another day, like maybe tomorrow. Yup's that's a good idea, let's see what the morning brings.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a nice ride today.

COLD, and I mean Cold, morning ride but it was clear and clean and crisp to the Nth degree. I warmed up after an hour or so. The Lunch time ride to the kids Skate Park and the after work ride were fantastic. I hope for another good day tomorrow, all looks well so see ya on the road.

Monday, October 13, 2008

BRRRRR!!!!, It's the end of the Harley riding season.

I am bummed and cold this morning. It's snowed all weekend here in Salt Lake City, and this morning it is 32 degrees and almost snowing again. For me this is too cold to ride the Harley to work. The thought of putting the Road King on blocks for the winter is terrible. I know I will have a few more days of 'Indian Summer" to ride but today officially marks the change of the seasons. So all of you lucky people in warm climates rejoice as I start the long cold winter here in SLC.

Ride Safe!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dreaming about my past Strugis trip.

I was just stiitng here thinking about how he weather is turning colder, and the long summer days of riding are fading fast. I was thinking I needed to spend the time to document my Strugis Trip. That is when I stumbled on a book called Detours: Life, Death and Divorce on the Road to Sturgis. This one sound like it sums up all the details of life and the distraction that keep us home. I checked out the Book on amazon.com and was able to read the first dew pages. I was hooked, I can't wait to get the book and finish it. From the comments it looks like a book that everyone who has headed out on a long Motorcycle Road trip can relate with.

Friday, September 26, 2008

How to Build a Harley Torque Monster by Bill Rook

I got a comment from a reader telling me I was foolish to pay what I did to get my Carburetor rebuilt by Killer Carburetor on Ebay. This may be true, it may not be. I know many people can rebuild a Carburetor and many can do it for pennies. The poster said I should just buy a book called How to Build a Harley Torque Monster by Bill Rook and follow along to tune the carburetor myself. Normaly this is exactly what I would do, I was just at my wits end with this hard starting problem I was having, and sadly I didn't completely solve it.

Here is the original comment to my post, Thanks for sharing:
Janster said...
"You've got to be kidding. I read that ad on EBAy last week and thought it was a hoot! For all the change in performance, you'd do better by attaching baseball cards to your spokes. Read How to Build a Harley Torque Monster by Bill Rook for a great article on modifying CV carbs. It's a nice Carburetor , but spending that kind of $$$ for glass beading a Carburetor throat and getting a little plate that says "Killer" is crazy. I installed the YOST CV40 kit which is fine, though I think you could get the same effect with a much cheaper rejet kit."

Janster I would love to attach a baseball card to my spokes, that would be super cool, but I am sorry to say that my FatBoy doesn't have spokes. 8-)

Like I had said earlier, I was and am having very hard starting problems with my FatBoy, I thought it was the Carburetor and or a leaky intake. I have had the Carburetor off the bike 25 times and replaced the intake seals many times. I got the Killer Carburetor to eliminate the Carburetor as the problem. Once the bike does start it run a lot better after the rebuild. I guess the hard starting is just part of it being a 1999 and having almost 60,000 miles on it. I think I need to get into the top end and get some rings, piston, and some more power. A winter rebuild may be part of the equation.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here is a shamless plug for some good products to help you clean you Motorcycle

We are ready, let's go. Oh wait I gotta go wash my bikes. Well I better quit blogging and start scrubbing. The rain has left me a mess to deal with. But never fear we will shine on the ride tomorrow.

I was reading the sentence from a previous post and realized I wash my bikes all the time. Love to keep them clean and looking good. I have tried all kinds of things over the years, including special washing soaps, Harley Brand cleaners, and no name brand products.

I think the soap doesn't really matter so much as it all seem to get the junk off, if and only if you can wipe the surface with a rag or washing mit. If you can't get to it and wipe it like the back and side of the engine then you need to call in the specialty cleaners.

One of the best lines of cleaners and engine brighteners I have found came recommended by the Local Harley Shop. It is the S100 cleaner, and restore stuff. The S100 Engine Cleaner is a spray on let it soak and spray it off type deal. I put some on the engine an around the wheels and tires and hard to get places. Then I proceed to wash the bike with soap and a washing mit. Once I am done I get the high pressure hose out and spray off all the gunk. It works pretty well. It is not a replacement for real actual elbow grease but it definitely helps. These S100 product do help me get the bikes clean and looking good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I promise to write all about my Sturgis trip.

I am busy and tired and watching the Olympics. Since we got home from our Sturgis trip I haven't had time to do much of anything. I haven't even taken the tank bag straps off or washed my bike yet. I have 1790 miles worth of bugs and road grime on my Road King. I need to clean and polish it and wax it again. And very soon, maybe I should go do that right now. Wish me luck.

Friday, August 15, 2008

KILLER MOTORCYCLE Harley Carburetor Rebuild.

I have a 1999 Harley Davidson Fatboy with a CV40 Carburetor and the Cool Evo Motor. I have been fighting the carb for the past 3-4 years. The bike has 58,000 miles on it so it has ran a lot of gas through it. I have had the carburetor off my self and cleaned it. Checked the Timing on the Bike, changed the Plugs, wires, jets, etc. Well the bike kept getting harder and harder to start. When the bike was cold I would really need to crank it over to ever get it to fire. Only after Popping and back firing into the Carburetor a few times would it start. All indications were that the Carburetor needed fixed but I couldn't get it right.

I found Killer Motorcycle Products, on ebay and took a chance and sent him my carb. Then I went of to Sturgis and didn't worry about it. When I got back my shinny new Carburetor was on the front door step ready for install. I did get my exact same Carburetor back I just calling it new as it was polished and looked brand new. I spent a couple hours and got the Carburetor put back on.

This was the moment of truth. Would my frustration with this bike end or continue? I hit the starter knowing the Carburetor had no gas in it and the engine needed to open the vent so the carb could fill before it would start. I let it turn over about 10 times and cranked the throttled. Bang it fired right up. Cool. I turned it off and waited for morning to give it a test drive. The neighbors have a thing about midnight Harley noise making, I just don't get it.

Well yesterday I rode the bike to work and for an extended Lunch run. It starts right up, burns a lot more gas, and doesn't pop at all out the Carburetor or tail pipe. I am very happy with the results and now have my good old reliable FatBoy back. It is a lot richer at idle especially with the choke on. This bike was always lean maybe that what lead to my troubles.

I can say that I was worried sending my Carburetor off, not knowing what to expect, but the results were very good. I am not sure of the price, it did seem kinda high but now it work no worries. Thanks Dale.

Here is his Ebay add for reference.



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

V-Force Customs Is formed by Vinnie and Cody

From the famous biker show OCC, or Orange County Choppers in New York, the stars Vinny and Cody were born. I guess after 6 years on the show and working for Paulie and Paul Senior, they have ventured out on their own to start a new shop called V-Force Customs. I know this is not exactly new news but until yesterday no one told me. So if you.

I wish Vinnie Dimartino and Cody Connelly all the best with starting Vforce Customs.

I was checking out some of the you tube videos and from the look of it they are going to be a custom motorcycle shop. Building themed bikes for companies and celeberties and Sports teams, etc. I am sure they will do a fine job.

So let's all take bets will they have a reality TV show, Is it in the works already?


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5 days 15 hours and slowly counting down.

That's right kids we are headed to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The official countdown say 5 days, my count down ends Friday Aug 1st after work, let's say about 4:00 o'clock Utah time. We have planned an excellent route this year, and welcome rider to joins us or just wave along the way. SLC to Logan Utah for the night on Friday. Then Sat morning up through the back woods of Idaho into Jackson Hole Wyoming. We will stop in Jackson for Lunch and then north into the parks we go. We plan to wander around the roads of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone for most of the day Saturday and camp at either Lake Village, or Canyon Village. After a cool night with the bears, we are headed North once again out of the park and over Bear Tooth pass into Red Lodge Montana, via Crooke City. From here we will turn east and follow the green roads across Montana and see how far we cam make it. Stopping to camp along the way. Then Monday we will make the final zoom into Strugis via Belle Fourche.

We will be staying at the Buffalo Chip to see Kids Rock on Monday night and then we will just see what happens, we will probably only stay about 2 nights and head for home. The fun of this trip is getting there, the journey and not the destination.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sturgis Here we come.

ok, ok, so that last post was lame. Now we are down to 11 days and change till Sturgis this year. Yeippie.

We pick our route and are ready mentally. We are going to Logan Utah on Friday August 1st. This is from SLC and we will be headed up after work. Traffic will be yucky and hot and slow, so this is a bigger deal that it seems. I hate going Norht from SLC on Friday night, but I seem to do it more often than I want to.

Then the Fun begins, Saturday Morning the 2nd we are headed up north to Jackson Hole for Lunch, then onto JellyStone Park and the Grand Tetons park. We are going to plan to head all the way through the park and out the top on the east side. We have heard that Cooke City is a fun little place, and if we can make it we will stop there and stay over. We will camp if we get into town in time. I know this is a long day, I meed to run the miles ansd see.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sturgis Here we come.

13 days, 5 hours, and 44 minutes until the Sturgis Rally. I can't wait but as always I am too busy to talk about it.

The Great Canadian Motorcycle Auction and Canadian Biker Buildoff

I got some information about this and thought I would pass it on.

I know that this will be of interest to you all because the auction will be showcasing award-winning bikes from some of Canada’s top custom chopper builders including: Canada’s 2007 Champion of the Canadian Biker Build Off, Georges Thomas, Concept and Design Cycle with the “Alien”, Zeel Design with the “General Lee,” the winner of the International Biker Build Off, “Silver Lining” by Sinister Custom Choppers, award winner at the Toronto International Motorcycle Show, “Nitmar” by Precision FramWorx, winner at the Calgary World of Wheels and many more.

This auction will be one that bike lovers and fanatics won’t want to miss out on. It will be a huge event that, in years before, have had thousands of buyers, builders, sellers, and bike lovers attend for the sole purpose of ooh-ing and ahh-ing at stainless steel beauties. Add to that some beer and biker bunnies, and who could ask for a more perfect way to spend a weekend? Can’t make it? That’s too bad, but just for those who, sadly, cannot make it out to the auction, they will have the opportunity to bid online for a piece of motorcycle history.

The Great Canadian Motorcycle Auction and Canadian Biker Buildoff has already garnered media coverage from all over the world but we would like to reach out to the Internet fan base of bike enthusiasts and send them a heads up about this great event. Any posting, email blasts, or news you could put up about this auction on behalf of the charity would be greatly appreciated by us and bikers everywhere.

please visit http://auctionwire.ca/buildoff/ for full details.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Into the Desert Wind, for the MDA Charity ride.

Last Weekend we went to a Wendover Utah for the MDA Fund Raiser motorcycle ride. We had a very good time and the event was well attended. The event was a 120 mile ride from the Salt Lake City Harley Shop to the Wendover Nevada casinos. At the Casino they had an outdoor stage setup and a rock concert. We saw Night Ranger play as the sunset and the wind blew. The concert was good but, the wind took all the heat our us and we started to get cold towards the end.

Now it's time for an MPG update. We filled up the bikes in Sandy before we left. The king only took about a half a gallon to be full. Gas was $3.99 a gallon and together the bikes took 3.11 gallon and it cost $12.47.

Later that afternoon in Wendover we filled them up again. This time the Road King took 3.5 gallons and traveled a 139.7 miles, the main odometer read 4395. So let's see 139.7 / 3.5 = 39.91 milers per gallon. Not bad for full speed 70-80 miles an hour into the desert wind. “Into the Desert Wind” I think is a great title to the motorcycle touring book I should write one day. So as of right now I am copy righting that title. And committing to writing a book. Sorry my mind just wandered. The 2002 Dyna Low Rider took 3.2 gallons of gas and the odometer read 135.6 miles. This shows the odometers are off, as we had traveled the exact same distances. So 135.6 / 3.2 = 42.375 MPGs. This is pretty good, definitely shows the difference between the big wind shield on the Road King and the smaller one on the Dyna.

This gas stop was when the high gas prices hit my wife. I guess she has been trying not to worry about it, and was thinking we usually gas up the bikes for 12-15 bucks. This time the total bill was $28.39. This fact hit her and she was amazed that the price had basically doubled for a two bike fill up.

The next day we ventured home along the same path but the wind was not as strong blowing in our face. The Road King went 154.4 miles on 3.8 gallons for 40.6 MPGs and the Dyna went 148 mile on 3.2 gallons for 46.25. The total cost was once again $29.78 at $3.99 a gallon.

On the way home we took a detour to find the Larry Miller big new super speedway race track. Out in the desert of Utah west of Salt Lake City they built a world class race track for Nascar Road races and Super Bike Motorcycle races. It's an amazing thing out in the middle of no where. We wanted to take a look around and were in the neighborhood so we stopped in. The Track was pretty coolll but we didn't go inside. We didn't have enough time and they were having an official motorcycle race.

I'll have more info and picture of this event when I get some more time. Stayed tuned.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

MDA Ride, post haste

Well It's Saturday June 14th a week after the MDA ride, and I am finally getting a second to put down a few words about the ride. It was a good time, with a big turnout, and they raised a lot of money. I head that attendance was down a bit, but I don't know for sure, there seemed to be a lot of people from my point of view. I also heard them say that this is the 3rd largest one day bike rally fund raiser in the country so that is cool. I too a bunch of pictures and plan to get them posted to the website soon, thanks for your patience.

Friday, June 6, 2008

57th annual MDA Ride one day away

The 57th Annual MDA Ride for Cure

Dog and Cats, living together! I am excited about the Harley Davidson of SLC sponsored ride for a cure for MDA. It's tomorrow morning and me and about 3000 of my closest friends are getting together for a Little ride, and a concert, and I'm sure a 1000 stories that are all true. Night Ranger, is the band, bring on the 80 big hair rock and roll. Yaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went down to the SLC Harley Shop and registered, 60 bucks a cow, wow I thought this was alot per person, I'm in 120 bucks for a ride, plus hotel, and food and gas and gambling. Look out budget we may get dinged. Not that I am cheap I am just thinking and comparing this to other forms of fun. Skiing is 60-80 bucks and movies are 10 so, I guess I will just nod my head and say it all goes to a good cause. (I hope).

Well the 60 bucks did include a t-shirt and a pin. SWEET! I need a new t-shirt with flames and babes and Bike on it. Yahoo!!!!

This shirt is pictured above, a white heavy T with a cool looking logo on it. Here is a shot of the pocket and the pin we got. Nice enough to wear to church. I like the little halo effect on the riders. Adds a cool touch.

This ride is fun the police lead it out and run in a big group. 5 or 6 years ago we were headed out and I had my daughter with me, she was about 5 and riding on the back, I had made her some blocks out of wood to add around the rear foot pegs so her feet could touch the pegs. It was cool and everyone that saw them was impressed, a Harley with silly wood blocks like my dad added to my trike when I was 5. Well anyway the police had stopped at the first rest stop and we passed them. They got back on the road and as a group passed us. They all waved and smiled and my daughter thought it was really cool to see and wave to all the police bike. They seem so big and so many as they ride side by side in the lane and really close together. All the things we are taught not to do and don't do when riding. That's OK they passed us at 80 and were having a good time too. Well I hope to see you all out on the Road!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Now I'm getting over 40 mile per gallon on my Road King

June 3rd.
The fourth tank of expensive gasoline goes through “The King”. I am confident and excited, over a little thing like this. Yes we made progress. This time around I think I broke the coveted 40 mile per gallon mark. So let's run the numbers, I bought 4.3 gallons of gas at $3.799 per gallon. I drove a total of 176 miles this time for an average of 176/4.30 = 40.93 miles per gallon. Yeippiieee!!!! That's a pretty good improvement over the first tank. The main odometer of my Harley Road King now sits at 4229 miles. Thus I have almost put 1000 miles on it since I bought it. these trips were all around town where the stop light and the speeds are 0-40 on and off. I did a few short freeway trip to and from work but this is only about 4 miles at 80 mile per hour.

Monday, June 2, 2008

MDA Ride for a Cure, SLC to Wendover Utah

So mark your calenders for this Saturday. I know it is late notice but some times you have to just wing it. That is what we are doing, we lined up a baby sitter, we haven't wash our bikes or even signed up for the ride yet, but we are going. The baby sitter is the hardest part.

So the ride is a fund Raiser for the MDA Muscular dystrophy Association. Every year they raise a lot of money and put on a great event. The ride is about 100 miles due west on I-80 from Salt Lake City to Wendover Nevada. Once in Wendover the fun begins, a concert with Night Ranger and then we hit the tables for an all night money winning festival. Ohh ya, we can't loose.

The ride is sponsored by some local radio stations and the Local SLC Harley Davidson Shops. It's a big event with close to 3000 bikes each year spanning the road for a 100 miles. The group is lead by the local Motorcycle Police squads and they are not scared to lead on at 80 miles per hour. Just ride safe and have some fun.

See at the Harley Davidson shop at noon on Saturday for all the fun.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Kings third tank of expensive gasoline

May 28th
I ran a third tank of gas through my new Harley Davidson Road King. It's not exactly new, but it sure seems like it and rides like it for me. Each time I get on it I feel very good about my new ride. I am still getting used to it. Well anyway I bought 4.2 gallons of gas at a price of $3.79. I was able to mellow out a bit and slow down a bit on this tank full. Thus I got better gas mileage. I went 163 miles on this fill up and the main Odometer on the bike hit 4053. 163 miles on 4.16 gallons = 39.18 miles per gallon. This is excellent I am glad I was able to squeak out an extra 2 miles per gallon. I know this is not much but it gets me closer to the 45-50 that I expected or wanted. I was really thinking that this bike with the fuel injection would improve the miles per gallon. The fuel injection does improve the performance of the motorcycle. My 1999 Fatboy gets better miles per gallon that this one. It is a smaller engine but it does have the Carburetor. My carburetor on my 80 cc evolution engine is jetted kinda lean so, I guess that helps with the mileage.

Wow the first two days of the week were very nice for riding my motorcycle. 67 degrees and cloudy in the morning, cool and crisp and nice for a ride. I have been doing a extra amount of riding this week as I have had to run here and there and get a few things done. It has been nice to zip around in traffic on “the King”. I have been riding it easy, no jack rabbit starts and keeping the speeds below 80 on the freeway. I want to really see if I can get 40+ miles per gallon out of this tank. I know it only a few miles per gallon but it's the whole idea of getting more than 40 mpgs vs. less that 40.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

How many Beers fit in the Saddle Bag of a Road King?

Sweet Monkey Mullet Batman. I had to answer this question. You see on my 1999 Harley Fat Boy I could carry a 12 pack in each saddle bag. This was very good information to know based on living in Utah and liking to drink beer that is not watered down. (If you know what I mean). Or if you are headed to the store for a few items, will a 12, 24, 0r 30 pack fit on the scooter for the ride home. Well I got to the bottom of the mystery on the first attempt.

As you can see from the first picture I left no amount of space in the bag empty. I even cheated a bit up front with the front beer being held in by the lid. Mind you there is no room for ice, or pizza so keep this in mind for your next road trip.

Did you Guess 24?

Did you Guess 30?

The winner is 30 beers, yahoo that is one big suitcase of cold Miller beer. Now I just wish I had a cold one in my little computer keyboard banging hand right now.

2 days of Rain, 2 days in bed.

That's right biker buddies, we have been down and out for the past two days. First off a spring cold and flu bug slammed me and my whole family. The cat is the only happy one in the place lot's of people and attention for her.

At least it has rained for the past two days, so while I have been down and out, I at least wasn't missing the change to enjoy some sunny warm biking. So the outlook for tomorrow is slight rain and I gotta go to work. So at least on both account I am over the weather and over most of the this flu.

Here is a parting shot of "The King" and I

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

75 Days until Sturgis, Get ready now.

I was wandering around the biker forumns this morning and I saw a thread about going to Sturgis, then I went and checked the count down timer on Sturgis.com. Look out the trip will upon on us soon and I mean very soon. I was thinking about all the different ways to go to Strugis, and the Rules you must follow. So here is a short list of my Sturgis Rally Rules to live by.

1.) Ride your bike with all your gear strapped to it. You bought the bike to ride, leave the box and motorhome at home.

1.) Respect your Biker Brothers. Be cool, hangout, have fun, don't mess with Shit you are not suposed to.

2.) Camp in the Dirt. To find a spot for your tent just pull in and ask around a bit, everyone is there to have fun and have a bit of space, a little courtsey goes a long way. When it gets to be 100 degrees relax and have some fun. Hotels are for old people and people who have more money than me, well nevermind.

3.) Helmet Hair, live it love it leave the frilly stuff at home.

4.) Carny Food, leave your diet at home and indulge in all things Street vendor.

5.) Take in all the sites and take a lot of pictures.

More soon.

"Ride Safe"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A few Local SLC Motorcycle Rides and events

Dead Man's Run - May 17th

May 17, 2008 Murray, Utah

Dead Man's Run 08
Sponsored by Vulture Club
Registration begins at 9:00 am at Barbary Coast Saloon, 4242 South State Street in Murray. The ride leaves at 11:00 am and ends with music. Ride fee is $25.00 for the rider and $10.00 for a passenger. For more information call Mike at (801) 598-9022 or

click here to send e-mailThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Not sure of the details, but this sound's like a fun time for all.

Armed Forces Day Car, Truck and Bike Show
MAY 18, 2008

TOOELE $10.00 for show and lunch,
$15.00 for ride, show, and lunch
FOR MORE INFO: 435-882-4040 OR VISIT: WWW.tracksbrewing.com

Abate Shriners Benefit Ride

MAY 18, 2008
SIGN UP: 8:30 AM
LEAVES: 10:00 AM
$15.00 PER PERSON(suggested donation)
info: 801-266-2050

So this weekend saddle up and head for at least one of these events, Utah is a happening place.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Second tank of expensive gas goes through "The King"

As you all know I am touring on a new used 2006 Road King. "The King" as I have nick named it. I have been able to ride it on and off a bit but the weather is not helping. So in the past days I did get to ride it 168 miles. This mornings fill up was 168 miles and 4.5 gallons. To complete the history I paid $3.68 per gallon for a total cost of $16.61. The bike now has 3890 miles total on it, which makes it still very new.

This shows that my 2006 Harley Davidson Road King is getting 168/4.503 = 37.3 MPG's.

My last fill up was on Wednesday morning 4-23-2008 the gas was $3.29 a gallon in Draper Utah, and I needed 4.3 gallons for 161 miles. Do the math 161/4.3 = 37.44 MPGs.

I like the looks of the comparison. I can live with 37+ Miles per gallon around the town.
Maybe I can expect to get 45-50 miles per gallon on my long road trips, or it may get better once the engine get broken in.

You an be sure that I will have more information to as this great summer of gas savings continue.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rain and snow please go away, today.

Sweet Mullett Batman It's not spring yet, it's not summer today It's rainy season here in Utaher. I guess spring is springing and rain is raining. I went home for lunch and I got soaked. It was hailing and raining hard, I even rode my dirt bike today, knowing it may rain and not wanting to wash my Road King if it did rain. Well it did, like a big whiner I got really cold and wet. One thing to note about riding in the rain, visibility is really reduced and so is stopping speed, I stayed on the back roads, thus taking longer to get home so I had more one on one time with the rain to enjoy getting cold and wet. Now for my completely unfair comparison, I am amazed at the difference between a DR350 and a Harley Road King. The DR350 will go 70-75 MPH top speed on the freeway, but it's screaming it's brains out doing it. The Road King on the other hand is just purring along at about 70 MPH and screaming to go 80 or more. I know this is not a fair comparison, as the Road King won't scale a 10,000 foot dirt and rock mountain trail, but for my short commute, both of them got me to work and back. I will live to Ride the Road King another day. But for today the suzuki DR350 got me to work and back twice. For the ride home the weather is warming up and the sun is out bright in the sky so my ride home will be very nice. And remember only 83 days till the Sturgis Bike Week.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer time is today. Biking weather is here.

Sweet Mullett Batman It's summer today. Zoom VRoom Boom, I got to ride my big old motor scooter in the warm weather today. I even got to line up in the pole position at the Freeway on ramp traffic light twice. That's right folks, Hit it first thing this morning and after Lunch. Fun was had by all, including but not limited to me.

Ride safe and keep the rubber side down.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Primary Childrens Wheeler Machine fund raiser ride, 5-31-2008

Wash your bike fill it up with 4 dollar a gallon fuel and join us on a fun and small ride (300 riders about 200 miles) through he Utah Mountains on May 31st, 2008. The money raised is matched by Wheeler Machine and then donated to Primary Children's Hospital. A state of the art Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah. Continental Breakfast and catered Lunch will be available and the entry fee is a 10 dollar donation per person. Sounds like a great ride, and another great cause. The ride is from SLC Utah, through Heber, up over wollf creek pass and down to Hannah Utah with lunch served in Hanna.

MDA Ride for a Cure June 7th 2008

Mark the calendar save the date, get out your extra cash and get ready for June 7th. It's the Salt Lake City MDA Harley Ride for Charity. Every year about 2000+ riders ride from SLC to Wendover Utah to make money for the MDA. This is a great ride a and great cause. Ride for the cure.

Once the Bikers get to Wendover party with food, fun and a Concert. it's a great event to be a part of.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Harley Fat Boy Knee Dragging.

Well Ok the title does stretch the truth a little bit. BUT this morning at my now famous stop light and freeway on ramp, I finished pre-race qualifying in second place. So in second place I was able to line up of the outside lane of the two lane starting spot for the race. I waited patiently, slowly and loudly revving my Fatboys engine. I had just barley got it warmed up, remember my commute is very short. (lucky me.) Well anyway the Christmas tree jumped from red, to green and I was off. No delays today, I am very comfortable on my Fatboy, I leaned hard into the turn as I walked the gears up to third in a thunderous roar under the massive bridge of the freeway above me. At about mid range into third gear I was completing the final stage of the turn, SCRAPE!!!!!!, I was dragging my floor boards, I do this from time to time. Every time I just about jump out of my seat when I hear that sound it scares the daylights out of me. No harm no foul I just kept pouring on the gas, fourth, fifth, 75, and a clean merge into traffic. Then I sat back and thought about how much I love this bike and how comfortable it is to ride. I was also thinking I gotta ride it and burn all the winter gas out of it. Then replace it with some nice clean summer fuel. Maybe that will help it start better. Then I gotta upgrade the engine to the biggest one I can put in the frame, and paint some serious flame on the tank, and chop the front end, and still find time to ride like the wind.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The 2008 Sturgis Bike Week Dates

The 68th Annual
Black Hills Motorcycle Rally, AKA Sturgis Bike Week

August 4th - 10th, 2008

In case anyone out in Motorcycle Land does not know the official dates for this years Sturgis South Dakota Bike Rally. Mark August 4th on your calendar and be sure to be there.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The first tank of gas goes through "The King"

I bought a new used 2006 Road King a few weeks ago. I have now dodged the weather enough days in the past 2 weeks to ride it 300 full miles. It's raining again today in case anyone is wondering. So back to the first tank of gas in the 2006 Harley Davidson Road King. I filled it up on Wednesday morning 4-23-2008 when it was cool, and like I said Wednesday. The reason I mention this is I read these tips on any one of the 100 how to save gas articles floating around right now. When it's cold out you get more gas than when it is warm and mid week gas is cheaper as gas prices tend to rise in cost over the weekend. Well anyway the gas was $3.29 a gallon in Draper Utah, and I needed 4.3 gallons to top of "The King". The trip odometer read 161 miles and the fuel gauge was just entering the red marks near E. These miles were a combination of one long freeway trip of 60 miles and the rest around town stop and go and my 3 mile freeway sprint down the on ramp each morning. Do the math 161/4.3 = 37.44 MPGs. This is not too bad, I was hoping or expecting it to be about 45-50 miles per gallon but this was the first tank and my first 300 miles to really test out the bike so I was riding it hard most of the time. When you have a new bike you have to goose it at most all stops signs. Well more to come on this great gas debate.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day, how I saved $5867 and 37,699 lbs of carbon from being added to the air.

Earth day 2008

I was thinking about Earth Day this morning as I got on my Motorcycle and headed down the road for my daily short drive to work. I was trying to make sure I felt good about myself, being earth friendly and that riding my motorcycle does make a difference in both my carbon foot print(check out those earthy buzzwords), and my pocket book.

Since I bought my Motorcycle in 2000 I have ridden it 58,000 miles so I did a few calculations.

58,000 Miles on my Harley Davidson FatBoy and I get 44 miles per gallon so I have burned:

58,000/44 = 1318.18 Gallons of gasoline in the past 7 years. At a today's cost of $3.29 dollars a gallon.

1318.18 * 3.29 = $4336.81 I would have spent.

To compare this to my Diesel Dodge Cummins 4x4 Truck that gets 18 miles per gallon.

58,000/18 = 3222.22 Gallons, At $4.09 per gallon for today's price of diesel. That would have been a total cost of:

3222.22 * 4.09 = $13,178.88.

So the savings in Gas vs. Fuel costs for the same miles traveled is: $8,842.07, and a saving of 1904.04 Gallons for Fuel.

A gallon of gasoline weighs 6.2 pounds, consisting mostly of carbon, plus a small amount of hydrogen and a few impurities. Through combustion each carbon atom combines with two atoms of heavier oxygen atoms, resulting in 19.8 pounds of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. http://www.greenuniversity.net/Green_Economics/carbondioxide.htm

So to be totally earth friendly, on happy earth day, Here is a really good feel good thought. In the past 7 years riding my motorcycle I have not release 1904.04 gallons * 19.8 lbs = 37,699.92 pounds of carbon into the air. Yeippie for me. I am such an earth lover.

Now back to costs, what about the extra cost of insurance and tires, and maintenance for my bike v.s my truck. Let's calculate insurance first. My bike if $250 dollars a year to insure, my truck $600, but I must have my truck, so I will just count the cost of the bike Insurance. In 7 years * $250 = $1750. Now how about tires, My truck wore our about 1 set of tires in 60,000 miles, My motorcycle needs a rear tire every 10,000-15,000 miles and a front every 20,000. So lets say I have replaced the rear 4 times and the front 3 times in the past 58,000 miles. For a cost of 150.00 each. I do the work myself and buy the tires on line so the cost is less than $150.00 but I don't mind rounding up. 7 * $150.00 = $1050. I will now consider oil and maintenance for the motorcycle. I know for this discussion the I am considering the Motorcycle as all extra costs v.s just driving my truck. I changed the oil in my Harley once a year at 3 quarts and a filter. $10.00 for oil, $12.00 for a filter, after all you must buy expensive oil and a Chrome filter. So 25.00 bucks a year * 7 years = $175.00

Going back to the gas savings of my bike versus truck was $8,842.07 – $1750 (insurance) – $1050 (tires) – $175.00 (oil) = $5867.07

So that about sums it up, for close to 6,000 dollars saved in fuel, 37,700 pounds of carbon not released into the air, and my Smile from ear to ear for every single mile spent with the wind in my face.

One last thing to Note, This doesn't cover the purchase price of the Harley, but It may come close to covering the cost of a smaller more economical bike. It also doesn't consider the depreciation of my truck versus my bike. How much less would my truck be worth with an extra 58,000 miles on it versus the depreciation of my Harley now it has 58,000 mile on it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Once Again the On-Ramp..

April 18th. Zoom Zoom It's warm and pretending to be summer outside. The sky is clear the wind is blowing around but it's good biking weather. I got to ride this morning and I also took a minute to go for a short ride at about 11:00 am. I'm very hopeful that warm weather will be here to stay, but nope raining and windy for the weekend. Bummer, I was gonna wash the bikes and put on some more miles.

Well anyway for those of you following along. I hit the on ramp this morning and once again had a fantastic ride around the turn. I approached it right before it was going to turn yellow, so all the cars were clear and I was full on the juice approaching, I leaned into the corner and let off the revs enough to let the bike layover and in and around the corner without brakes and without gas. As I completed 80 percent of the long sweeper I put the coal to it. A perfect ending to a nice long lean. Then the road ahead was plugged with all the boxes that were in front of me, so I dropped the blinker on and cross a couple lanes for my 2 exit cruise.

During this time I was thinking about how much I like riding the bike and how much I am saving in Diesel fuel and money. I want to do a full and on going comparison this summer. With diesel at $4.10 a gallon and Gas $3.25 a gallon. I know I am saving money, and gas but am I really saving money v.s. just driving my Truck considering all the costs. The calculation will go something like this. The truck goes about 450 miles on 100 dollars, the bike will go the same distance on how many dollars? I am guessing 2 or 2.5 tanks full which is probably 30 dollars. So I need to figure our how many times I save that 70 or so dollars a month. I am guessing that the saving will cover the costs of insurance and tires on the bike. But look at it the saving I have in air pollution gases, and therapy. I'm not going to say global warming, as I think that is a farce, but saving gas and pollution is a good thing to do, It reduces demand so gas prices can come down. As for therapy, a full twist of the throttle and unleashing all the horses from the Fuel Injected 88 Twin in a few second of acceleration is all the therapy I need.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

“Super Batman Fast"

Sweet Monkey Mullet Batman. So for all of you following along today. I just got back from lunch today and everything is brighter. The Sun is warmer, the Temps are up to the high 50's and I am Jazzed. Guess What? Yup you guessed it, I got into Pole position at the freeway on ramp traffic light again. So once again close you eyes and Follow along with this visual. (Unless you are driving, which if you are driving and reading this great blog you got other issues.) I was more prepared and more excite this time. It did seem like the light took forever to turn Green. But when it did, I was off. Zoom, I was into the middle of second and starting to really lean The King down, when I knew I could go harder and lean more, I hesitated and stayed on the cautious side. I'm not in the mode to toss the King, just yet, but it was only a slight hesitation and I straightened up a bit and poured it on, all the way past 5th, well ok into 5th remember I was wishing for a 6th gear earlier, and onto the freeway. Fun fun fun, like my kids tell me, Make it go “Super Batman Fast Dad” I think we are getting close boys.

Fast freeway on ramp fun

Today is April 17th, two day past the sting of April 15th which as we all know is TAX HELL day. Or at least it was an expensive tax day for me. Let's just say I had about 3000 reason to complain this year. Well anyway the weather has been nuts this week, Monday the 14th it was 80 degree and sunny and warm. Tuesday the wind and a storm and stow blew in, it was freezing. I did get a chance to ride into work but I left the bike at home at lunch. Good thing too, It snowed and blew like crazy. Two guys at the office got caught and parked their Motorcycle in the Lobby of our building. That was cool looking.

Well any way like I was saying today is April 17th and the sun is out. It's a bit cold but I did ride to work this morning. It was almost 40 something like 38.79 degrees, warm enough when I left the house. And now for the fun part, the freeway on ramp. The intersection is one of those fancy new cross over 4 way fancy jobbers. It has a big two lane traffic light that stops all traffic, when the light turns green the two lane make a big turn and then a three lane on ramp meets the freeway. I was in the front of the line at the light and in the far left lane. When the light turns green I get to go left through the intersection and then left up the big long on ramp and merge left onto I-15. Translation a big wide long sweeping turn that starts out with my Harley making a bunch of echoing noises under the bridge that is the freeway above. The goal in mind of reaching 75 MPHs as fast as I can go.

Now close you eyes and follow my vision here. (But don't close your eyes if you are driving.)

The light turned green, I revered 88 cubic inch fuel injected monster to about 4000, and let out the clutch as far as I could and left the revs near the yellow line. Zoom, zoom, first, second, third, I leaned that big new Road King into the Sweeper and just let it all hang out. At the top of third, and the top of the on ramp, I looked down to see 75 MPH's on the speedometer and about 75-100 feet of clean road behind me. I hit 4th and made a nice clean merge across 3 lanes, and settled in at about 80. Then I thought 5th, I have 5th gear too. I dropped into 5th and wished I had a 6th gear, as the bike settled into a nice smooth cruse. I enjoyed the ride for about 3 minutes, and slowed down and got off the freeway. That was it, two exits and I'm at work. But it's was some of the funnest freeway riding that I can do. fast on, settle in, and get off. The bike doesn't really get a chance to really warm up or stretch it's legs but that's ok, I will get to ride the open road all day soon enough.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I found picture of myself with Indian Larry

Indian Larry, Chopper Shaman

Ian and Indian Larry

Here is a copy of a post I made a month or so ago. It has a couple of links to Books about Indian Larry.

I thought I would revist this post, Just a few minutes ago I was digging through my Pictures and I found a picture I had taken with Indian Larry at Strugis a few years ago. Man that was a fun day. Indina Larry and Billy Lane doing a biker build off and Just hanging out with Fans.
I talked to Indian Larry Shock his hand, had. I told what I thought of his Bikes. Great Craftsmanship.

Well anyway checkout this book about Indian Larry, For the real Chopper man this is a good book to read and digest. Like I said am really glad I had the chance to meet Indian Larry and talk to him, examined his bikes, get a picture with him and he signed a custom Indian Larry shirt for me. Good Memories for a guy who died way to soon in life.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Ralley, here we come!

110 days until The Sturgis 2008 Black Hills Motorcycle Rally. Sweet Mullet, I can't wait. Now that spring is starting to almost make it's way to Utah, we are planning and I mean making big plans to head for the "Buffalo Chip" Campground and plop down at Sweater Vest Hill. Once again the center of the trip will be KID ROCK!!!!! at the Chip, I will not go see him in SLC, but I will drive 750 miles in the wind, rain, sun, and fun to see him rock the stage at the Chip. Kid Rock is Monday night August 4th. We will also see Puddle of Mudd, and Alice Cooper. YES!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hog Harley Owners Group

HOG - Harley Owners Group

As the owner of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, you have the opportunity to become a member of an elite group. This group is known as HOG - Harley Owners Group. Currently, there are more than 1 million HOG members around the globe who have united to display their passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Members of HOG attend activities presented by local hog chapters. Activities fall into three categories :

- Closed events - conducted primarily for the benefit of HOG chapter members. Some closed events allow members to bring one guest.

- Member events - only open to HOG members.

- Open events - chapter events open to HOG members and other guests.

There are three types of HOG membership :

- Full membership - Entitles members to all the benefits and services of the Harley Owners Group organization.

- Associate membership - Designed for passengers and family members of full HOG members. Associate members must be sponsored by a full member in order to participate in HOG events.

- Life membership - Available as a full life membership or as an associate life membership. Special benefits and recognitions are available to life members.

Members of HOG receive many benefits besides the camaraderie of fellow Harley enthusiasts. HOG members receive :

- Subscription to Enthusiast magazine; the oldest continually published motorcycle magazine in the world.

- Subscription to Hog Tales; the official publication of the Harley Owners Group that keeps members up - to - date on hog happenings around the world.

- HOG Fly and Ride membership. This program allows hog members to fly to locations throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia; pick up a Harley - Davidson motorcycle from a local dealership; and tour in style without any hassle or delay.

- HOG membership manual to help members get the most out of their hog membership.

- Access to the HOG "Members Only" website.

- Copy of the official HOG Touring Handbook; a guide filled with maps, dealer location, riding laws, and much more.

Women who own Harley Davidson motorcycles are privy to the Ladies of Harley (LOH) membership. LOH is the group of female Harley Davidson enthusiasts who promote activities and adventures from within a local HOG chapter. The members of LOH run their own meetings and sponsor activities that both women and men can participate in.

HOG events include national and international rallies, state rallies, touring rallies, open houses, pit stops and pin stops where members can pick up HOG pins and other memorabilia.

Every hog chapter reflects the passions and personalities of its members. No matter where in the world you go, HOG members can always feel at home when they attend hog meetings and events.

While each chapter offers a variety of events, each being unique to the chapter, the focus is to have fun and share your passion for HOG and the Harley - Davidson lifestyle. HOG chapters include a variety of fun and "good deed" events including dinner rides, parades, observation runs, toy runs to provide toys to sick or needy children, charity events, safe rider programs and more.

Becoming a HOG member will open up the doors to life with a Harley and present you with many opportunities to make good friends and be part of an exceptional group of fun - loving, kind and caring individuals.


This article reprinted from



Monday, April 7, 2008

Should You Buy A New Harley Davidson

Buying a new motorcycle is easy, right? You just pick a model, go to the nearest dealer and pay for it. Okay maybe not, especially if this will be your first motorcycle.

Owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle is like owning a legend. A new Harley is an investment, not just a purchase. They are also expensive, so knowing what you want, what you need and what you can handle is very important before you fork over the cash.

Before you purchase a new bike, do some research. Not all Harleys are suitable for cruising. Just because a bike looks good doesn't mean it's right for you. You want to find one that runs well, is comfortable to ride, and that you can handle. If you are just starting out you may want to start with a smaller bike until your skills improve.

Touring bikes are the heaviest of the Harley machines. A new touring bike ranges from $16, 000 to over $20,000 without customization. Models include the FLHR Road King, the FLHRS Road King Custom, the FLHRC Road King Classic, the FLHX Street Glide, the FLTR Road Glide, The FLHT Electra Glide Standard, the FLHTC Electra Glide Classic, and the FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide.

Slightly smaller and faster are the VRSC models. They include the VRSCAW V - Rod, the VRSCD Night Rod, the VRSCXD Night Rod Special, the VRSCX, and the VRSCR Street Rod. These sweet rides range from $14,000 - $20,000.

The next lightest models are the Softails and start at around $14,000 to just under $18,000. These models include the FXST Softail Standard (a barebones model), FXSTB Night Train, FXSTC Softail Custom, FXSTD Softail Deuce, FLSTF Fat Boy, FLSTN Softail Deluxe, FLSTSC Softail Springer Classic, and the FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic.

Next up are the Dyna models. They sell for between just over $12,000 to just under $17,000. These models include the FXD Dyna Super Glide, the FXDC Dyna Super Glide Custom, the FXDB Dyna Street Bob, the FXDL Dyna Low Rider, and the FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide.

The lightest new Harley you could buy, both in weight and price is a Sportster model. These gems are available for between $6,500 to just under $10,000 for a special 50th Anniversary limited addition model. Sportsters include the XL**# Sportster 883, the XL883L Sportster 883 Low, the XL883C Sportster 883 Custom, the XL883R Sportster 883, the XL1200N Sportster 1200 Nightster, the XL1200C Sportster 1200 Custom, the XL1200R Sportster 1200 Roadster and the XL1200l Sportster 1200 Low.

Some riders consider the Sportster the most difficult to ride despite its lightness. This is due to the high placement of the gas tank and the bikes center of gravity. Try it out first; don't just assume you will like the ride.

Whichever model you choose, you should try it before you buy it. Get on a new bike, start it up, and listen to the engine. Feel the vibrations. Take the bike for a ride. You may need to test - ride several models before you buy a new Harley. There's nothing wrong with that.


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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Harley Touring Bikes, stylish fact or fiction?

I just read a opinion that:"you trade style for comfort (with a Harley touring model). They aren't as stylish or flashy as a cruiser or chopper, but they are more comfortable.''

I agree and disagree with this statement. Harley touring models are stylish in there own right. The style is all different. When you see a Harley Bagger sitting at the traffic light, your first thought may not be wow, look how cool that is. I know my opinions wanders to I like that, and I would like to go 14 hours on that to Sturgis next year. Imagine how comfortable that would be to ride all day long. So in my mind it's a completely different style and or type of coolness. It appeals to me because I do like the long days on the open road making miles and watching the sky and the world slowly pass by.

Harley Davidson touring bikes are made to go long distances without stopping. From the factory they are Quieter and larger than other bikes. But as well all know a nice set of slip on mufflers will fix the factory quiet. A Road King or Electra Glide will easily hold two riders and are built with comfort in mind. Like all bike many accessories are available like storage compartments, radios, CD players, GPS systems and intercom headsets. All the things need to make a long day cross-country road trip fun and relaxing.

So don't dis the styling of a Bagger, give it a second look and if you get a chance jump on a touring bike and see for yourself.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Custom Motorcycle painting.

So I have decided that I need to learn how to paint custom cool kolors on my bike. I have done some basic painting over the years but nothing every really cool and custom. Like flames or lizards, or ghost flames or even two tone layers. In order to learn I started to look for a few books and videos to get started. Here are two book that I am very seriously considering getting. I guess I should go ahead and then after I have read and reviewed then I can give an honest review here.

How to paint flames. This is exactly the book I need to get hold of. Once I get it I will let you know how I do. If you can paint flames or if you have any other books to recommend then please let me know. How to paint your Motorcycle, and How to Custom Paint you motorcycle, I may buy the whole group, so stay tuned for an update soon.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Harley CEO gets a big Raise, but his overall pay falls.

MILWAUKEE WI Harley town USA. Harley-Davidson says it paid, gave cash and food stamps to its CEO of about $4 million last year. Chump change for a big guy.

A government mandatory regulatory filing shows that's a four percent decline from the previous year. a 4 percent decline, sorry pal I lost 70 percent on the Harley Stock I bought.

James Ziemer's compensation included a salary of more than $875,000, Plus a free lunch once a week plus stock and options awards.

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle maker's proxy statement filed with the SEC the Stock Police or Securities and Exchange Commission shows that's an increase from the base salary of nearly $825,000 he received in 2006, when his total compensation was valued at about $4.25 million. But wait the guy did get a 50,000 dollar raise, WOW, I think I got a 50 cent per hour raise.

The company's filing says no executives received bonuses because they didn't meet performance incentive targets. NO BONUSES that's really kinda sad when you think about it.

The company's profit fell about 10% in 2007. Well maybe they can lower prices a bit to spur new sales.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Harley Touring Bikes

I started thinking seriously about the Harley Davidson line of Touring Bikes. I love the look and feel of the FLHRCI. The Road King Classic has the cool old school classic look and the simple feel of the leather saddle bags combined with the windshield. This is a simple style compared to the big look of the Electra and Ultra Glides. The bikes are basically the same but like I said I like the simple style of the Road King. Plus the idea of being the "King of the Road" makes you smile.

Here is a list of all the current Harley Davidson touring bike, but be warned you maybe riding one sooner than you expect if you start looking into them.


• Harley-Davidson FLHR Road King®
• Harley-Davidson FLHRC Road King® Classic
• Harley-Davidson FLHRS Road King® Custom
• Harley-Davidson FLHT Electra Glide® Standard
• Harley-Davidson FLHTC Electra Glide® Classic
• Harley-Davidson FLHTCU Ultra Classic® Electra Glide®
• Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide™
• Harley-Davidson FLTR Road Glide®

Thursday, February 21, 2008

FLSTF The Halrey Davidson Fat Boy

I was just thinking about my Motorcycle, the FLSTF, and was thinking about what this means. They are the official call sign for a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The model number may be a bit better way to describe it. The amazing part is the letters actually stand for different parts of the machine. So to breakdown the FL ST F of my bike you break it into 3 parts. The FL stands for the type of forks on the front of the machine. Not sure what the FL really stands for but it is the big large front forks. The ST stands for Soft Tail. The softail is the rear frame design that resembles the hard tails of old school days, but has a pivot and a hidden rear shock. The F stands for Fatboy. What this means is the final touches of the bike, like 2 solid aluminum wheel, a double set of exhaust pipes, on the right side and smaller saddle bags. So next time you ask someone what bike they have if they rattle off a long set of numbers, remember you can decode this. Once the number are decoded, you can also read and connect the parts of a new bike to bikes of old days. Harley Davidson has been building on the Model number for years and years. So when I say my bike is an FLSTF, it is a decedent of the FL of old school days.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

They way back machine, Motoring through the Grand Tetons

Today is Feb 12th, and it's cold here in Utah. I just took my kids to school and I saw a crazy guy on a big bike driving around. It's about 37 degree out side so he is definitely a heavy duty biker, or his warm car is broken.

Either way I came home and started looking at pictures of the nice warm days of summer and long rides. I found a picture os us standing in front of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. I thought it would be nice to post it up and start the summer dreams. Only a few more months and the weather turns warm. Yeippiieee!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Danger Kitty is in over it's head.

So beside being a bad to the bone Bike Builder, (or wannabe, you choose) I do some crazy yard art, steel art work with my daughter. We make metal sculptures and play with scrap pieces to make some fun and neat stuff for the yard. As I have mentioned earlier in this blog we have a lot of snow at our place this year. In fact so much that the "Danger Kitty" is up to it's neck in the cold whit stuff.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Check out this cool custom

I was wandering around YouTube looking at Custom Choppers and saw this one. You need to look at the bike and not the filming. The paint is outstanding. The way they put this together is awesome. The down tube are very creative, they must have taken a lot of work to cut and make a z out of. I usually don't like straight bars, but on this one they look good. I do like the triple clams and the way the bar riser come up to the straight bar. The one thing I have never liked on bike like this is the way the light stick out front all alone. I don't know how you could change it.

The rear end is another monster wide tire and the seat nice and low. I bet this would be fun to ride.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Biker Commute for me.

I just saw a post from a blog in Tampa Florida. He was saying that is it a cold 72 and raining, so he commute is a bit tough today. I bet it is, when riding in the rain be very careful, as always ride safe and enjoy.

Well I thought I would make sure and share my commute details from Sandy Utah here. It about -1 degree below zero and this is the picture looking out my front window as I cleared the snow about 2 days ago. No Biker commute for me for a couple of months.
But that's ok I own a couple of 4x4's and I also love to Ski so we will make it to spring and then we can head out on the highway, looking for adventure.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The History Of The Bike

The Harley Davidson Company officially began with the completion of its first bike in 1903. Unofficially it all began in 1901 when 21 - year - old William S. Harley drew up plans for a small engine that displaced 7.07 cubic inches and had 4 - inch flywheels. He designed this engine for use on a regular pedal - bicycle frame.

By 1903 William Harley had joined with his boyhood friend Arthur Davidson, as well as Arthur's brother Walter. They used the machine shop of their friend Henry Melk to complete the prototype of their first engine - powered bike. The engine that powered this prototype was not quite powerful enough to propel the motored - bike up Milwaukee's modest hills without the rider resorting to pedal power.

The first "real" Harley Davidson Motorcycle was finally completed with additional help from another Davidson brother named William. It had a bigger engine of 24.74 cubic inches with 9 - 3/4 inch flywheels weighing 28 pounds. The new bike was functional by September 08, 1904, and made its first appearance in a Milwaukee motorcycle race.

The company produced three motorcycles in 1903, followed by 3 more in 1904. Production rose to 8 completed cycles in 1905, allowing Walt Davidson to quit his job with the railroad and become the company's first full - time employee. The Davidson's aunt, Janice Davidson also began helping out by using her artistic talent to letter and pinstripe the bikes, which were painted black with gold trim.

The first Harley Davidson Motor Company factory was built in 1906 on Chestnut Street. It was a modest 40 by 60 foot single story wooden structure. Chestnut Street was later renamed Juneau Avenue, and though the original structure was replaced, this location remains the Motor Company's corporate headquarters to this day. A total of 50 motorcycles were produced in 1906.

The following year, 1907 brought about much change for the fledgling company. William S. Harley graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a degree in mechanical engineering. The factory was expanded and the company officially incorporated. Production increased to 150 motorcycles in 1907.

Another monumental change that occurred in 1907 was the completion of a prototype of a 45 - degree V - Twin engine. These engines displaced 53.68 cubic inches and produced about 7 horsepower, just about doubling the hill - climbing power of the first singles. Production continued to increase to 450 motorcycles in 1908 followed by 1,149 in 1909.

Success continued in the years that followed. The original factory was demolished and replaced by a new 5 - story structure of reinforced concrete and red brick. It soon grew to take up two blocks along Juneau Avenue and around the corner on 38th Street. During this period bikes produced by Harley Davidson began to dominate the motorcycle racing arena and production reached 16,284 in 1914.World War I saw the demand for motorcycles in the military. Harley Davidson provided over 20,000 motorcycles to military forces during World War I. Improvements and increased production continued after the war. The Harley Davidson Motor Company was in fact one of only 2 American cycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression. The company continued to produce machines for the military throughout World War II and the Korean War. The Jeep then replaced it in popularity.

The Harley Davidson Motor Company is still going strong today, despite bumps and bruises along the way. You will recognize it on the Stock Market under the symbol HOG.


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Monday, January 21, 2008

Custom Build Jeep Trailer

Here is a link to My Jeep site, I know it's a bit off topic if you are looking for hard core Harley Davidson Motorcycle custom building kinda stuff. But it's interesting all by it's self. You may get some ideas if you ever plan to build a small trailer to pull behind your Harley.

So check it out. I am basically fabricating for the ground up a small trailer with big wheels to pull behind my Jeep.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How to build a Cool Chopper Books

Here are 4 of the best Chopper Books I could find on Amazon. If you can't find what you are looking for in these books myabe you will just need to go at it along to build that long cool chopper of you dreams.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Finding The Right Chopper For You

Finding The Right Chopper For You by Matt Bonner

In recent years there has been a resurgence in the number of people now riding choppers. Which until the introduction of such shows as "American Chopper" and "The Great Biker Build Off" were associated with biker gangs. So today you are actually more likely to see them being ridden by doctors and lawyers rather than an outlaw biker.

Not since the 1970's has the chopper been a motorcycle beloved by so many. Certainly in the 1970's this bike found a whole new league of fans due to the release of the movie "Easy Rider". Yet today you will find that the range of choppers now available is quite substantial from those available in kit form to those which are completed and can be ridden straight out of the showroom. In this article we will attempt to provide you with a guide which will help to find the right chopper and which will give you years of service and enjoyment.

One of the first things you need to decide on is what kind of chopper it you want. Today there are basically three types of chopper that you can choose from.

The Bobber: A bobber is the original style of chopper that was first created by American Servicemen returning from the Second World War. The bike is customized by removing anything that isn't needed. This helps to reduce the weight and increase the performance. Handling can also be improved by lowering the unsprung weight and moving the center of gravity. Over the past couple of years the Bobber has started to grow in popularity.

The Pro Street Chopper: Probably the most easily recognizable of all the styles of chopper now available. A good version of this bike will come with long extended forks and a fat tire on the rear. This particular bike has derived its style from the drag bikes you see. However because of the bikes geometry this can make its handling difficult especially on twisty roads. But once on a straight and open road it really shows its true colors.

The Rat Bike: Appearing in the late 1970's and early 1980's rat bikes are like something from the Movie "Mad Max " The philosophy behind them is to keep the bike on the road for the longest amount of time and spend the least amount of money possible. This often results in parts from other machines being cannibalized and added to the bike. Rat Bikes are almost exclusively Matt Black

When you have decided upon the style of chopper that you want the next step is to make a decision on the style of rear suspension it should have. You have the choice of either a hard tail or a soft tail. With a hard tail there is no rear suspension and the only comfort you will have when riding it comes from the springs built into the bikes seat. As for the soft tail this has extremely good rear suspension and so the ride is much more comfortable. If you are going to be someone who intends to spend a large part of their spare time riding their bike then a chopper with soft tail suspension would be ideal for you.

If you are interested in learning more about these bikes and to see what is currently available in your local area, then please check out the details for our store below.

If you are serious about buying a customized motorcycle then make sure you go to Custom Chops first. At Custom Chops we provide information on how to find the right customized motorcycle for you.

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