Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Motorcycle Racing Games

by Michael Rad

These are some of the most fun racing games to play online because the best races are automatically recorded and you can play against the previous high scores to improve your own performance. An Internet search for available racing game downloads will reveal kids motor cycle games like Daredevil and Motor Bike Game. The Motor Bike Game is just like a real motor cycle race with pit stops and laps and the goal is to always finish first in order to ascend to the next level of difficulty. One of the first motorcycle racing games ever created is not one of the racing games to play online as it is a video game dating back to 1991. Developed by Electronic Arts the game called Road Rash throws the player in the middle of illegal violent street motorcycle races. It was probably the first game in the history of motorcycle racing games that combined combat and motorcycle racing, and probably the first game that allowed weapons (clubs, crowbars, cattle prods or police batons). The game has several levels of increasing difficulty and the player needs to finish each race on one of the first three places if he is to advance to the next race. For every victory the player receives a certain amount of money which can be used upgrade the motorcycle, buy a new motorcycle or pay the police fine when being arrested. Since it is a game of illegal street races the police can pop up at any time and mess with your score. Other more modern racing games to play online are Motor Bike Game, Daredevil, Test Drive Unlimited, Grand Theft Auto or MX vs. ATV Unleashed; although they are not all actual motorcycle racing games and some of them just combine motorcycle racing with car racing or boat racing, etc. One of the most original motorcycle racing games is the MX vs. ATV Unleashed which takes trophy trucks, monster trucks and motorcycles and makes them race together on one single track to offer you a race like you’ve never raced before. The Test Drive Unlimited is a combination of cars and motorcycles together in an off road and on road race across one thousand miles of Hawaiian territory. Last but not least Daredevil is a kid’s motorcycle racing game that lets you perform some of the most spectacular motorcycle stunts ever seen on the internet.

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