Monday, December 10, 2007

Get the Worlds Fastest Indian DVD for Christmas

The World's Fastest Indian.

This is a great movie, sorry if I just found out about it and was able to watch it on DVD. It is a very fun show about a true biker, who builds old school fast Indian Racing Motorcycles. He takes on the adventure of traveling from New Zealand to the Boneville Salt Flats near Salt Lake city to run his motorcycle in the World speed races.
Here is a great christmas present for any of the biker in you world. If you have ot seen this movie it is a must have. It's also a nice enough show that the chicks will like watching it with out it being called a "Chick Flick"

My Movie review. GREAT Five greasy wrenches, I loved it, the whole story line was fun and genuine, and driven. The main actor Anthony Hopkins, plays Burt Munro an old retired motorcycle racing fanatic, who has always dreamed of speed racing on the Boneville Salt Flats in Wendover Utah. He finally makes his dream come true, traveling from New Zealand to Utah to race on the salt. The story follows his adventures across the oceans and through California and Nevada.

If you are interested you can find more information or Click here to buy this Great DVD.

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