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Finding The Right Chopper For You

Finding The Right Chopper For You by Matt Bonner

In recent years there has been a resurgence in the number of people now riding choppers. Which until the introduction of such shows as "American Chopper" and "The Great Biker Build Off" were associated with biker gangs. So today you are actually more likely to see them being ridden by doctors and lawyers rather than an outlaw biker.

Not since the 1970's has the chopper been a motorcycle beloved by so many. Certainly in the 1970's this bike found a whole new league of fans due to the release of the movie "Easy Rider". Yet today you will find that the range of choppers now available is quite substantial from those available in kit form to those which are completed and can be ridden straight out of the showroom. In this article we will attempt to provide you with a guide which will help to find the right chopper and which will give you years of service and enjoyment.

One of the first things you need to decide on is what kind of chopper it you want. Today there are basically three types of chopper that you can choose from.

The Bobber: A bobber is the original style of chopper that was first created by American Servicemen returning from the Second World War. The bike is customized by removing anything that isn't needed. This helps to reduce the weight and increase the performance. Handling can also be improved by lowering the unsprung weight and moving the center of gravity. Over the past couple of years the Bobber has started to grow in popularity.

The Pro Street Chopper: Probably the most easily recognizable of all the styles of chopper now available. A good version of this bike will come with long extended forks and a fat tire on the rear. This particular bike has derived its style from the drag bikes you see. However because of the bikes geometry this can make its handling difficult especially on twisty roads. But once on a straight and open road it really shows its true colors.

The Rat Bike: Appearing in the late 1970's and early 1980's rat bikes are like something from the Movie "Mad Max " The philosophy behind them is to keep the bike on the road for the longest amount of time and spend the least amount of money possible. This often results in parts from other machines being cannibalized and added to the bike. Rat Bikes are almost exclusively Matt Black

When you have decided upon the style of chopper that you want the next step is to make a decision on the style of rear suspension it should have. You have the choice of either a hard tail or a soft tail. With a hard tail there is no rear suspension and the only comfort you will have when riding it comes from the springs built into the bikes seat. As for the soft tail this has extremely good rear suspension and so the ride is much more comfortable. If you are going to be someone who intends to spend a large part of their spare time riding their bike then a chopper with soft tail suspension would be ideal for you.

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