Thursday, February 21, 2008

FLSTF The Halrey Davidson Fat Boy

I was just thinking about my Motorcycle, the FLSTF, and was thinking about what this means. They are the official call sign for a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The model number may be a bit better way to describe it. The amazing part is the letters actually stand for different parts of the machine. So to breakdown the FL ST F of my bike you break it into 3 parts. The FL stands for the type of forks on the front of the machine. Not sure what the FL really stands for but it is the big large front forks. The ST stands for Soft Tail. The softail is the rear frame design that resembles the hard tails of old school days, but has a pivot and a hidden rear shock. The F stands for Fatboy. What this means is the final touches of the bike, like 2 solid aluminum wheel, a double set of exhaust pipes, on the right side and smaller saddle bags. So next time you ask someone what bike they have if they rattle off a long set of numbers, remember you can decode this. Once the number are decoded, you can also read and connect the parts of a new bike to bikes of old days. Harley Davidson has been building on the Model number for years and years. So when I say my bike is an FLSTF, it is a decedent of the FL of old school days.

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thanks cause i was just thinking the same thing .