Friday, March 13, 2009

I am thinking of selling my RoadKing

I am thinking about selling my 2006 Harley Davidson Road King. For a number of reasons, financial and future investment type decisions. I have a lot of money tied up in motorcycles and would like to move it into other things like real estate. As we all know the real estate market is upside down and all kinds of broken. I think now is a good time to move up into a newer bigger house. But I need cash flow to move forward, I could sell stocks, or not they are in the toilet and all money is lost. At least my Harleys are keeping their value. At least they look like they are are keeping some value, I may not be able to sell them but if I do know they haven't gone down by too much, certainly not 70 percent like the stock market or HOG stock for that matter. Yup I did buy some Harley Stock a few years a ago and I have taken a beating, and by beating I mean a serious drubbing, I bought at 64+ and now it's 9. Al least I have a completely paid of Motorcycle that has keep some value. Well anyway I am going to test the sales market for Road Kings and let you know.


Mini Bikes said...

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Anonymous said...

Here's an auction for a brand new Harley Davidson @ DubLi

Running out in 20 hours, though. I understand the website will be offering brand new autos on a regular basis, so I guess 'get bidding' is what my advice is, if you're after that kinda thing :)

smithlara1 said...

hello,you want to seel your Harley Davidson Road King because you need money.But i think you i'll not get the price what u excpect.
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