Friday, May 13, 2011

I just fired up the Fat Boy for the season.

I got the old girl out of the shed and charged up the Battery, and zoom zoom, potato, potato, the sweet sounds of the Harley exhaust came rumbling to life. Winter around here puts a nice coat of sleepy dust on the bikes and leaves them raring to roll. Well I got a safety inspection, paid the man the licensing money and Whammo We are on the road. The miles on the old girl are 59400 to start the season. I did get a chance to ride all the way across town and back last night. Nice night for a freeway roll. I burned the carbon out of the old Haley 80 cubic inch evolution motor with that season opening 50 mile ride. I was also lucky enough to drive her to work today. I did have a bit of a slow starting problem this morning. I guess I struggle to get this old bike to start on the first touch of the starter continues. I was also coughing a bit on hard acceleration from a stop. I don't think it's lean, I think it is a bit rich in the carburetor now. Well anyway in the back of my mind I may need a engine rebuild. The thing does run great once I get it started. It like to pull and go fast on the freeway. I almost forget how great that bike is to ride, when It sits for the winter. I fit inside the saddle and around the bars very well on the old FLSTF. Man I love that bike, I think I might go for a spin at lunch.

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Anne said...

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