Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bikes, Beers, Country Music, and a Harley Store.

Down in Maury County Tennessee They know how to party.

A New Harley Davidson superstore with an out door Party venue is planned. Construction has started on the store and music venue on 25 acres off Interstate 65 near Columbia. The place will host a large grassy amphitheater, where charity rides and country music concerts can happen. This is a great idea, I know I have been to a ton of small rised and rallys where the parking lot and some cheap chairs were the main attraction. Why not combine a stage, a restaurant, a hotel, and a swimming pool, with you Harley Davidson Store.

I like the idea, and just wish I would have thought of it. Well maybe I wish I had a Harley dealership, them we could worry about making is a Biker Disneyland.

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