Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Motorcycle Seat Height is important.

I just posted an article on the seat height of each new Harley Davidson Motorcycle. This is something worth thinking about when considering a new bike. The lower the seat the lower the center of gravity and the easier the bike is to ride. When came to this conclusion when we were shopping for new Harley's for my wife. We initially thought we needed to get a Sportsters as they are a smaller bike and should be easier to ride. This is clearly no the case. The Sportster is smaller and lighter, but the height makes them harder to control vs. the Dyna Low Rider FXDL that we ended up buying for her. The Dyna Low Rider is heavier but doesn't feel that much heavier as the weight and the seating position is lower to the ground. When entering a turn the bike rides nice and leans in and lean back out of the cornering nice and easy. The Sportster tends to dive into a corner and then need pulled out of the turn and lifted back up to center.

With the Dyna it has nice power and a nice smooth riding feel to it. So far we have put 20,000+ miles on it and my wife loves it. So I would definitely say it's a nice motorcycle of any new Lady rider.


Ada said...

I agree with u. The motorcycle seat height is a factor for the person who want to buy a motorcycle to choose the correct one. I meet many friends on a sie called bikerkiss. We usually talk about motorcycles. Most of them think the lower the seat the easier the bike is to ride.

Leon said...

I just bought a new 08 Road Glide. I am 5'6" and barely touch ground when stopped. Most suggestions are to go to Corbin and have them build me a custom seat.

Any opinions??

MyChopperBlog said...

Harley Davidson does make a seat for a Road king that is Narrower and 1 inch shorter or lower. Call the dealer and check into it. I have a friend who told me about this just this past weekend.