Thursday, November 4, 2010

Novemeber 4th Sunny and Warm in SLC

This post is almost a repeat of a post last year on November 17th. It is absolutely fantastic weather today lows of about 45 and highs of 65, and I got to ride my King today. I remember why I love Bikes so much. I missed the chance to ride a lot lately, as life and being busy seems to get in the way of riding solo. All the way to work I thought about this post from last year and wondered when it was. The 17th is later than the 4th but this give me hope that I can ride a few more days before the snow and gravel falls on the roads.

Last years initial thoughts.
November 17th and it was sunny and warm in SLC
You should all know that that means. I got to ride my King again today.

Ride safe!

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