Thursday, March 24, 2011

Early Spring Harley Ride.

Today is March 24th it was snowing this morning and now looks bright and clean and warm out the window. I know it is not warm, but it looks like it.

I know I am once again talking about the weather in SLC. I guess this is as much a place for me to track when I start and stop riding each year as it is an interesting bit of SLC riding information. I know I could ride a lot more, just tough out the weather and go, but I choose to wait. I m not sure if this is reflection on getting older or being lazy or both I have seen lots of Big Bike hitting the road already this year. Which is Awesome, and now that gas and Diesel prices are once again way to high on a false premise I must start to ride the bike and save some cash and wear and tear on my Truck. I think I will go home and fire the bike up and put some fresh gas in it after burn some in the sun.

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