Friday, June 6, 2008

57th annual MDA Ride one day away

The 57th Annual MDA Ride for Cure

Dog and Cats, living together! I am excited about the Harley Davidson of SLC sponsored ride for a cure for MDA. It's tomorrow morning and me and about 3000 of my closest friends are getting together for a Little ride, and a concert, and I'm sure a 1000 stories that are all true. Night Ranger, is the band, bring on the 80 big hair rock and roll. Yaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went down to the SLC Harley Shop and registered, 60 bucks a cow, wow I thought this was alot per person, I'm in 120 bucks for a ride, plus hotel, and food and gas and gambling. Look out budget we may get dinged. Not that I am cheap I am just thinking and comparing this to other forms of fun. Skiing is 60-80 bucks and movies are 10 so, I guess I will just nod my head and say it all goes to a good cause. (I hope).

Well the 60 bucks did include a t-shirt and a pin. SWEET! I need a new t-shirt with flames and babes and Bike on it. Yahoo!!!!

This shirt is pictured above, a white heavy T with a cool looking logo on it. Here is a shot of the pocket and the pin we got. Nice enough to wear to church. I like the little halo effect on the riders. Adds a cool touch.

This ride is fun the police lead it out and run in a big group. 5 or 6 years ago we were headed out and I had my daughter with me, she was about 5 and riding on the back, I had made her some blocks out of wood to add around the rear foot pegs so her feet could touch the pegs. It was cool and everyone that saw them was impressed, a Harley with silly wood blocks like my dad added to my trike when I was 5. Well anyway the police had stopped at the first rest stop and we passed them. They got back on the road and as a group passed us. They all waved and smiled and my daughter thought it was really cool to see and wave to all the police bike. They seem so big and so many as they ride side by side in the lane and really close together. All the things we are taught not to do and don't do when riding. That's OK they passed us at 80 and were having a good time too. Well I hope to see you all out on the Road!

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