Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Now I'm getting over 40 mile per gallon on my Road King

June 3rd.
The fourth tank of expensive gasoline goes through “The King”. I am confident and excited, over a little thing like this. Yes we made progress. This time around I think I broke the coveted 40 mile per gallon mark. So let's run the numbers, I bought 4.3 gallons of gas at $3.799 per gallon. I drove a total of 176 miles this time for an average of 176/4.30 = 40.93 miles per gallon. Yeippiieee!!!! That's a pretty good improvement over the first tank. The main odometer of my Harley Road King now sits at 4229 miles. Thus I have almost put 1000 miles on it since I bought it. these trips were all around town where the stop light and the speeds are 0-40 on and off. I did a few short freeway trip to and from work but this is only about 4 miles at 80 mile per hour.

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