Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Into the Desert Wind, for the MDA Charity ride.

Last Weekend we went to a Wendover Utah for the MDA Fund Raiser motorcycle ride. We had a very good time and the event was well attended. The event was a 120 mile ride from the Salt Lake City Harley Shop to the Wendover Nevada casinos. At the Casino they had an outdoor stage setup and a rock concert. We saw Night Ranger play as the sunset and the wind blew. The concert was good but, the wind took all the heat our us and we started to get cold towards the end.

Now it's time for an MPG update. We filled up the bikes in Sandy before we left. The king only took about a half a gallon to be full. Gas was $3.99 a gallon and together the bikes took 3.11 gallon and it cost $12.47.

Later that afternoon in Wendover we filled them up again. This time the Road King took 3.5 gallons and traveled a 139.7 miles, the main odometer read 4395. So let's see 139.7 / 3.5 = 39.91 milers per gallon. Not bad for full speed 70-80 miles an hour into the desert wind. “Into the Desert Wind” I think is a great title to the motorcycle touring book I should write one day. So as of right now I am copy righting that title. And committing to writing a book. Sorry my mind just wandered. The 2002 Dyna Low Rider took 3.2 gallons of gas and the odometer read 135.6 miles. This shows the odometers are off, as we had traveled the exact same distances. So 135.6 / 3.2 = 42.375 MPGs. This is pretty good, definitely shows the difference between the big wind shield on the Road King and the smaller one on the Dyna.

This gas stop was when the high gas prices hit my wife. I guess she has been trying not to worry about it, and was thinking we usually gas up the bikes for 12-15 bucks. This time the total bill was $28.39. This fact hit her and she was amazed that the price had basically doubled for a two bike fill up.

The next day we ventured home along the same path but the wind was not as strong blowing in our face. The Road King went 154.4 miles on 3.8 gallons for 40.6 MPGs and the Dyna went 148 mile on 3.2 gallons for 46.25. The total cost was once again $29.78 at $3.99 a gallon.

On the way home we took a detour to find the Larry Miller big new super speedway race track. Out in the desert of Utah west of Salt Lake City they built a world class race track for Nascar Road races and Super Bike Motorcycle races. It's an amazing thing out in the middle of no where. We wanted to take a look around and were in the neighborhood so we stopped in. The Track was pretty coolll but we didn't go inside. We didn't have enough time and they were having an official motorcycle race.

I'll have more info and picture of this event when I get some more time. Stayed tuned.


Linda R. Moore said...

Hate to tell you this, but you can't copyright titles. ;) OTOH, it is a good one, so if you really want to hang onto it, take it offline and covet it until you do write the book. :)

car marketing said...

wow you are so lucky to see this!