Monday, May 12, 2008

Rain and snow please go away, today.

Sweet Mullett Batman It's not spring yet, it's not summer today It's rainy season here in Utaher. I guess spring is springing and rain is raining. I went home for lunch and I got soaked. It was hailing and raining hard, I even rode my dirt bike today, knowing it may rain and not wanting to wash my Road King if it did rain. Well it did, like a big whiner I got really cold and wet. One thing to note about riding in the rain, visibility is really reduced and so is stopping speed, I stayed on the back roads, thus taking longer to get home so I had more one on one time with the rain to enjoy getting cold and wet. Now for my completely unfair comparison, I am amazed at the difference between a DR350 and a Harley Road King. The DR350 will go 70-75 MPH top speed on the freeway, but it's screaming it's brains out doing it. The Road King on the other hand is just purring along at about 70 MPH and screaming to go 80 or more. I know this is not a fair comparison, as the Road King won't scale a 10,000 foot dirt and rock mountain trail, but for my short commute, both of them got me to work and back. I will live to Ride the Road King another day. But for today the suzuki DR350 got me to work and back twice. For the ride home the weather is warming up and the sun is out bright in the sky so my ride home will be very nice. And remember only 83 days till the Sturgis Bike Week.

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