Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Kings third tank of expensive gasoline

May 28th
I ran a third tank of gas through my new Harley Davidson Road King. It's not exactly new, but it sure seems like it and rides like it for me. Each time I get on it I feel very good about my new ride. I am still getting used to it. Well anyway I bought 4.2 gallons of gas at a price of $3.79. I was able to mellow out a bit and slow down a bit on this tank full. Thus I got better gas mileage. I went 163 miles on this fill up and the main Odometer on the bike hit 4053. 163 miles on 4.16 gallons = 39.18 miles per gallon. This is excellent I am glad I was able to squeak out an extra 2 miles per gallon. I know this is not much but it gets me closer to the 45-50 that I expected or wanted. I was really thinking that this bike with the fuel injection would improve the miles per gallon. The fuel injection does improve the performance of the motorcycle. My 1999 Fatboy gets better miles per gallon that this one. It is a smaller engine but it does have the Carburetor. My carburetor on my 80 cc evolution engine is jetted kinda lean so, I guess that helps with the mileage.

Wow the first two days of the week were very nice for riding my motorcycle. 67 degrees and cloudy in the morning, cool and crisp and nice for a ride. I have been doing a extra amount of riding this week as I have had to run here and there and get a few things done. It has been nice to zip around in traffic on “the King”. I have been riding it easy, no jack rabbit starts and keeping the speeds below 80 on the freeway. I want to really see if I can get 40+ miles per gallon out of this tank. I know it only a few miles per gallon but it's the whole idea of getting more than 40 mpgs vs. less that 40.

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