Tuesday, May 20, 2008

75 Days until Sturgis, Get ready now.

I was wandering around the biker forumns this morning and I saw a thread about going to Sturgis, then I went and checked the count down timer on Sturgis.com. Look out the trip will upon on us soon and I mean very soon. I was thinking about all the different ways to go to Strugis, and the Rules you must follow. So here is a short list of my Sturgis Rally Rules to live by.

1.) Ride your bike with all your gear strapped to it. You bought the bike to ride, leave the box and motorhome at home.

1.) Respect your Biker Brothers. Be cool, hangout, have fun, don't mess with Shit you are not suposed to.

2.) Camp in the Dirt. To find a spot for your tent just pull in and ask around a bit, everyone is there to have fun and have a bit of space, a little courtsey goes a long way. When it gets to be 100 degrees relax and have some fun. Hotels are for old people and people who have more money than me, well nevermind.

3.) Helmet Hair, live it love it leave the frilly stuff at home.

4.) Carny Food, leave your diet at home and indulge in all things Street vendor.

5.) Take in all the sites and take a lot of pictures.

More soon.

"Ride Safe"

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