Thursday, May 22, 2008

How many Beers fit in the Saddle Bag of a Road King?

Sweet Monkey Mullet Batman. I had to answer this question. You see on my 1999 Harley Fat Boy I could carry a 12 pack in each saddle bag. This was very good information to know based on living in Utah and liking to drink beer that is not watered down. (If you know what I mean). Or if you are headed to the store for a few items, will a 12, 24, 0r 30 pack fit on the scooter for the ride home. Well I got to the bottom of the mystery on the first attempt.

As you can see from the first picture I left no amount of space in the bag empty. I even cheated a bit up front with the front beer being held in by the lid. Mind you there is no room for ice, or pizza so keep this in mind for your next road trip.

Did you Guess 24?

Did you Guess 30?

The winner is 30 beers, yahoo that is one big suitcase of cold Miller beer. Now I just wish I had a cold one in my little computer keyboard banging hand right now.


Tennessee Jed said...

Sweet Mullett Batman! I love the High Life too!

Kindred spirit I suppose.

chambersn said...

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