Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fast freeway on ramp fun

Today is April 17th, two day past the sting of April 15th which as we all know is TAX HELL day. Or at least it was an expensive tax day for me. Let's just say I had about 3000 reason to complain this year. Well anyway the weather has been nuts this week, Monday the 14th it was 80 degree and sunny and warm. Tuesday the wind and a storm and stow blew in, it was freezing. I did get a chance to ride into work but I left the bike at home at lunch. Good thing too, It snowed and blew like crazy. Two guys at the office got caught and parked their Motorcycle in the Lobby of our building. That was cool looking.

Well any way like I was saying today is April 17th and the sun is out. It's a bit cold but I did ride to work this morning. It was almost 40 something like 38.79 degrees, warm enough when I left the house. And now for the fun part, the freeway on ramp. The intersection is one of those fancy new cross over 4 way fancy jobbers. It has a big two lane traffic light that stops all traffic, when the light turns green the two lane make a big turn and then a three lane on ramp meets the freeway. I was in the front of the line at the light and in the far left lane. When the light turns green I get to go left through the intersection and then left up the big long on ramp and merge left onto I-15. Translation a big wide long sweeping turn that starts out with my Harley making a bunch of echoing noises under the bridge that is the freeway above. The goal in mind of reaching 75 MPHs as fast as I can go.

Now close you eyes and follow my vision here. (But don't close your eyes if you are driving.)

The light turned green, I revered 88 cubic inch fuel injected monster to about 4000, and let out the clutch as far as I could and left the revs near the yellow line. Zoom, zoom, first, second, third, I leaned that big new Road King into the Sweeper and just let it all hang out. At the top of third, and the top of the on ramp, I looked down to see 75 MPH's on the speedometer and about 75-100 feet of clean road behind me. I hit 4th and made a nice clean merge across 3 lanes, and settled in at about 80. Then I thought 5th, I have 5th gear too. I dropped into 5th and wished I had a 6th gear, as the bike settled into a nice smooth cruse. I enjoyed the ride for about 3 minutes, and slowed down and got off the freeway. That was it, two exits and I'm at work. But it's was some of the funnest freeway riding that I can do. fast on, settle in, and get off. The bike doesn't really get a chance to really warm up or stretch it's legs but that's ok, I will get to ride the open road all day soon enough.

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