Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I found picture of myself with Indian Larry

Indian Larry, Chopper Shaman

Ian and Indian Larry

Here is a copy of a post I made a month or so ago. It has a couple of links to Books about Indian Larry.

I thought I would revist this post, Just a few minutes ago I was digging through my Pictures and I found a picture I had taken with Indian Larry at Strugis a few years ago. Man that was a fun day. Indina Larry and Billy Lane doing a biker build off and Just hanging out with Fans.
I talked to Indian Larry Shock his hand, had. I told what I thought of his Bikes. Great Craftsmanship.

Well anyway checkout this book about Indian Larry, For the real Chopper man this is a good book to read and digest. Like I said am really glad I had the chance to meet Indian Larry and talk to him, examined his bikes, get a picture with him and he signed a custom Indian Larry shirt for me. Good Memories for a guy who died way to soon in life.

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Bubba Red said...

You should send the picture of you & Indian Larry to New York Rider Magazine, it's great!