Thursday, April 17, 2008

“Super Batman Fast"

Sweet Monkey Mullet Batman. So for all of you following along today. I just got back from lunch today and everything is brighter. The Sun is warmer, the Temps are up to the high 50's and I am Jazzed. Guess What? Yup you guessed it, I got into Pole position at the freeway on ramp traffic light again. So once again close you eyes and Follow along with this visual. (Unless you are driving, which if you are driving and reading this great blog you got other issues.) I was more prepared and more excite this time. It did seem like the light took forever to turn Green. But when it did, I was off. Zoom, I was into the middle of second and starting to really lean The King down, when I knew I could go harder and lean more, I hesitated and stayed on the cautious side. I'm not in the mode to toss the King, just yet, but it was only a slight hesitation and I straightened up a bit and poured it on, all the way past 5th, well ok into 5th remember I was wishing for a 6th gear earlier, and onto the freeway. Fun fun fun, like my kids tell me, Make it go “Super Batman Fast Dad” I think we are getting close boys.

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