Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Harley Fat Boy Knee Dragging.

Well Ok the title does stretch the truth a little bit. BUT this morning at my now famous stop light and freeway on ramp, I finished pre-race qualifying in second place. So in second place I was able to line up of the outside lane of the two lane starting spot for the race. I waited patiently, slowly and loudly revving my Fatboys engine. I had just barley got it warmed up, remember my commute is very short. (lucky me.) Well anyway the Christmas tree jumped from red, to green and I was off. No delays today, I am very comfortable on my Fatboy, I leaned hard into the turn as I walked the gears up to third in a thunderous roar under the massive bridge of the freeway above me. At about mid range into third gear I was completing the final stage of the turn, SCRAPE!!!!!!, I was dragging my floor boards, I do this from time to time. Every time I just about jump out of my seat when I hear that sound it scares the daylights out of me. No harm no foul I just kept pouring on the gas, fourth, fifth, 75, and a clean merge into traffic. Then I sat back and thought about how much I love this bike and how comfortable it is to ride. I was also thinking I gotta ride it and burn all the winter gas out of it. Then replace it with some nice clean summer fuel. Maybe that will help it start better. Then I gotta upgrade the engine to the biggest one I can put in the frame, and paint some serious flame on the tank, and chop the front end, and still find time to ride like the wind.

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