Sunday, April 6, 2008

Harley Touring Bikes, stylish fact or fiction?

I just read a opinion that:"you trade style for comfort (with a Harley touring model). They aren't as stylish or flashy as a cruiser or chopper, but they are more comfortable.''

I agree and disagree with this statement. Harley touring models are stylish in there own right. The style is all different. When you see a Harley Bagger sitting at the traffic light, your first thought may not be wow, look how cool that is. I know my opinions wanders to I like that, and I would like to go 14 hours on that to Sturgis next year. Imagine how comfortable that would be to ride all day long. So in my mind it's a completely different style and or type of coolness. It appeals to me because I do like the long days on the open road making miles and watching the sky and the world slowly pass by.

Harley Davidson touring bikes are made to go long distances without stopping. From the factory they are Quieter and larger than other bikes. But as well all know a nice set of slip on mufflers will fix the factory quiet. A Road King or Electra Glide will easily hold two riders and are built with comfort in mind. Like all bike many accessories are available like storage compartments, radios, CD players, GPS systems and intercom headsets. All the things need to make a long day cross-country road trip fun and relaxing.

So don't dis the styling of a Bagger, give it a second look and if you get a chance jump on a touring bike and see for yourself.

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