Friday, April 18, 2008

Once Again the On-Ramp..

April 18th. Zoom Zoom It's warm and pretending to be summer outside. The sky is clear the wind is blowing around but it's good biking weather. I got to ride this morning and I also took a minute to go for a short ride at about 11:00 am. I'm very hopeful that warm weather will be here to stay, but nope raining and windy for the weekend. Bummer, I was gonna wash the bikes and put on some more miles.

Well anyway for those of you following along. I hit the on ramp this morning and once again had a fantastic ride around the turn. I approached it right before it was going to turn yellow, so all the cars were clear and I was full on the juice approaching, I leaned into the corner and let off the revs enough to let the bike layover and in and around the corner without brakes and without gas. As I completed 80 percent of the long sweeper I put the coal to it. A perfect ending to a nice long lean. Then the road ahead was plugged with all the boxes that were in front of me, so I dropped the blinker on and cross a couple lanes for my 2 exit cruise.

During this time I was thinking about how much I like riding the bike and how much I am saving in Diesel fuel and money. I want to do a full and on going comparison this summer. With diesel at $4.10 a gallon and Gas $3.25 a gallon. I know I am saving money, and gas but am I really saving money v.s. just driving my Truck considering all the costs. The calculation will go something like this. The truck goes about 450 miles on 100 dollars, the bike will go the same distance on how many dollars? I am guessing 2 or 2.5 tanks full which is probably 30 dollars. So I need to figure our how many times I save that 70 or so dollars a month. I am guessing that the saving will cover the costs of insurance and tires on the bike. But look at it the saving I have in air pollution gases, and therapy. I'm not going to say global warming, as I think that is a farce, but saving gas and pollution is a good thing to do, It reduces demand so gas prices can come down. As for therapy, a full twist of the throttle and unleashing all the horses from the Fuel Injected 88 Twin in a few second of acceleration is all the therapy I need.

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